abandon in Hindi

abandon 1. छोड़~देना "A baby abandoned by its parents was found here."

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1. Abandon ship, abandon ship

2. What is the opposite of Abandon? Antonyms for Abandon (opposite of Abandon).

3. Public: void Abandon(); public void Abandon (); member this.Abandon : unit -> unit Public Sub Abandon Remarks

4. Abandon definition, to leave completely and finally; forsake utterly; desert: to Abandon one's farm;to Abandon a child;to Abandon a sinking ship

5. Abandon definition, to leave completely and finally; forsake utterly; desert: to Abandon one's farm;to Abandon a child;to Abandon a sinking ship

6. Abandon ship

7. Abandon ship!

8. Abandon ship.

9. Abandon 'Abandon' is a 7 letter word starting with A and ending with N Crossword clues for 'Abandon'

10. ... to total abandon.

11. Abandon ship, Eddy

12. We should abandon ship.

13. Abandon all remaining cargo.

14. Abandon any leftover cargo.

15. We must abandon ship.

16. Voyager won't abandon you.

17. Prepare to abandon ship!

18. Neither forsake nor abandon.

19. And America can no more abandon the cause of human rights than abandon itself.

और अमेरिका मानवाधिकार के आदर्शों को नहीं छोड़ सकता क्योंकि यह खुद को छोड़ने से बढ़कर होगा।

20. Divide Abandon into syllables: a-ban-don Primary syllable stress: a-ban-don Secondary syllable stress: a-ban-don How to pronounce Abandon: uh-ban-dun How to say Abandon: How to pronounce Abandon

21. Nouns for abandon include abandon, abandonedness, abandoner, abandoners, abandoning, Abandonings, abandonment, abandonments, abandonness and abandons

22. All hands, abandon ship!

23. Abandon ship, Mr. Sulu.

24. We had to abandon ship.

25. Don't Abandon yourself to pleasures

26. Abandon ship training and drills

27. Why did you abandon us?

28. Don't abandon yourself to pleasures.

29. Do not abandon me now.

30. We danced with wild abandon.

31. Abandon your brother for good.

32. Don't abandon yourself to despair.

33. I will not abandon this ship.

34. Did that stable boy abandon you?

35. I couldn't abandon Go, my calling

36. Why would she abandon her charges?

37. You can't just abandon us now.

38. Captain must never abandon his ship.

39. To the point of full abandon?

40. We had to abandon the car.

41. To withdraw waive ; abandon a claim.

42. You are going to abandon ship.

43. 17 Confess and abandon secret sins.

17 छिपे हुए पाप कबूल कीजिए और उन्हें दोहराइए मत।

44. A little touch of total abandon.

45. I threw you abandon me regardless.

46. Abandonné translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'Abandonner',s'Abandonner',abandon',abandon de famille', examples, definition, conjugation

47. All passengers will have to abandon ship!

सभी यात्रियों को जहाज़ छोड़ना पड़ेगा!

48. And the crew didn't really abandon ship.

49. Abandon ship training and drills (R # + R

50. You can't abandon me whenever opportunity knocks.