objectify in English

express (something abstract) in a concrete form.
good poetry objectifies feeling

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "objectify" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "objectify", or refer to the context using the word "objectify" in the English Dictionary.

1. Many bosses objectify their employees, forgetting they are important to the company.

2. Objectify also provides a find method, which instead returns null.

3. You should objectify your work so that the staff would know what they should do.

4. Objectify doesn't auto-load domain classes — which means it doesn't scan your classpath for entities.

5. Objectify also permits relationships and exposes a query interface that supports the GAE notions of filtering and sorting.

6. Objectify is our primary interface into the API and is exposed through the ofy method.

7. The report said: "Music channels and videos across all genres have been found to sexualise and objectify women.

8. Synonyms for Actualize include realise, realize, effect, objectify, appear, arise, begin, break, bring about and commence

9. I'm done updating my domain objects, at least in terms of what I can do with Objectify.

10. On the whole, the Objectify API makes domain modeling for GAE easier and more intuitive, which is a boost to developer productivity.

11. I'm going to leave that to your imagination for now, though, and focus on one last requirement of working with Objectify: manually registering domain classes.

12. Put differently , language is pliantly expansive so as to allow me to objectify a great variety of experiences coming my way in the course of my life.