guard against in English

protect from, be prepared for, be watchful fo

Use "guard against" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "guard against" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "guard against", or refer to the context using the word "guard against" in the English Dictionary.

1. Guard against impulse buying.

2. We must guard against accidents.


4. Do you guard against this?

5. • How might we guard against pride?

6. Guard against being led astray (17, 18)

7. Regular exercise helps guard against heart disease.

8. 30 For Young People —Guard Against Ambition!

9. How do Jehovah’s people guard against self-idolatry?

10. 20 Jehovah’s people also guard against self-idolatry.

11. Should we not guard against such an inclination?

12. 13 Christians must guard against the sin of simony.

13. (b) Why must elders guard against showing mistaken kindness?

14. And this she must guard against at all costs.

15. Government should always be on guard against that danger.

16. How can we guard against even unwittingly following Satan?

17. Armed soldiers patrol the airbase to guard against sabotage.

18. In what ways must Christians be on guard against simony?

19. We need to guard against any tendency toward self-exaltation.

20. Why should we guard against “the deceptive power of riches”?

21. If you have osteoporosis , be sure you guard against falls .

22. He is constantly on guard against any threat of humiliation.

23. This should, he maintains, guard against any lack of uniformity.

24. When writing with a computer, you must guard against wordiness.

25. How can we guard against the hardening effects of sin?

26. Guard against even unwittingly forming romantic attachments outside of marriage.

27. We need to guard against losing sight of this vital issue.

28. Do you pray for holy spirit and guard against grieving it?

29. 21 Miners wore a helmet as a guard against falling rocks.

30. • What ‘crafty acts’ of Satan must we be on guard against?

31. Storing: Avoid humidity, guard against moths, and avoid exposure to light.

32. We should be on guard against a hypocritical display of hospitality.

33. 6 All Christians need to guard against envy and improper jealousy.

34. As Jehovah’s worshippers, we need to guard against misuse of money.

35. We should be modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness.

36. You can guard against this tendency by avoiding pornography and corrupting music.

37. Security-dedicated engineering teams at Google guard against external threats to data.

38. Black's father has accompanied her in public to guard against potential Accosters

39. Why should you be on guard against “the deceptive power of riches”?

40. 22 Let us, then, keep on guard against the reasonings of apostates.

41. 15 Guard against revisionism, particularly the emergence revisionism at the party Centre.

42. Guard against fire risk and ensure the fire is out before you leave.

43. Itsukushima On guard against the harbour fish, a dozen anglers line the quay.

44. However, we must guard against the misuse of that “little member,” the tongue.

45. 26 We should be on guard against obsequiousness under the name of popularization.

46. 22 To guard against this mishap he devised several different methods of deceleration.

47. We must guard against protectionist tendencies and erection of trade and economic barriers.

48. At the same time, we must guard against over-regulation or government control.

49. 13 In accepting Jehovah’s authority, we need to guard against an independent spirit.

50. 3 The fact is, no one can lower his guard against greed and covetousness.