objectivity in English

the quality of being objective.
the piece lacked any objectivity
synonyms: impartiality absence/lack of biasabsence/lack of prejudice fairness fair-mindedness neutrality evenhandedness justice open-mindedness disinterest detachment dispassion

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1. Machines have objectivity.

2. Don't lose your objectivity.

3. Running head: VALUE OBJECTIVITY IN COUNSELING 1 Value Objectivity in Counseling Ambier Williams Grand Canyon University VALUE OBJECTIVITY IN COUNSELING 2 Value objectivity remains a broad topic for discussion among counselors simply because the …

4. So don't worry about my objectivity.

5. The judge had a reputation for complete objectivity.

6. The ultimate in objectivity is credit scoring.

7. Surely true objectivity in a critic is impossible?

8. I needed you to retain a sense of objectivity.

9. It's built round itself an aura of godlike objectivity.

10. Gummer makes no pretence of objectivity in his text.

11. Showing for feedback and objectivity letting the pie cool.

12. To make corrections in; adjust: Calibrated the polling procedures to ensure objectivity

13. He kept his emotionless objectivity and faith in the cause he served.

14. It challenges their authority and specialisms and notions of objectivity.

15. Humanist psychology seems to avoid traditional psychology's obsession with objectivity.

16. The psychiatrist must learn to maintain an unusual degree of objectivity.

17. Objectivity basically is constructed in that same S& amp; M way.

18. We managed to streamline the systems and arrangements, introduce transparency, efficiency and objectivity.

19. There was a lack of objectivity in the way the candidates were judged.

20. Psychology, like other discourses, associates subjectivity with femininity, and objectivity with masculinity.

21. Romanticism represents the freeing of feelings, instinct and sentiment in opposition to reasoned objectivity.

22. This makes it incumbent upon all of us to act with wisdom and objectivity

23. Conventional psychology's principal methodological demand is for the kind of objectivity promised by the laboratory experiment.

24. Such activities may not only arouse immoral sexual desires but also suppress good judgment and objectivity.

25. They have definite life styles and political values, which are concealed under a rhetoric of objectivity.

26. And, equally, what answer can Wittgenstein give on this interpretation to Kripke's questions about objectivity?

27. The operational activities of the United Nations system were characterized by their objectivity, neutrality and impartiality

28. To identify people by name can be seen to detract from the objectivity of the report.

29. The purer forms of objectivity do not always aid an investigation to the degree that is often assumed.

30. The objectivity of inductivist science derives from the fact that both observation and inductive reasoning are themselves objective.

31. Even less has there been evidence of any real correlation of objectivity itself with literacy practice.

32. Overemphasis of the objectivity , inevitability and certainty of the educational laws is against the education practice.

33. Their attempts to provide more objective methods do not challenge the gender bias involved in psychological notions of objectivity.

34. There are nine character traits including knowledge, facility, enterprising, sincerity, aggressivity, persistence, objectivity, altruism and activation influencing Chinese Language.

35. Personal disinterest in a programme content will help your objectivity in assessing its potential for your public relations purposes.

36. The Objectivity Principle requires business transactions and financial statements to be based upon objective and verifiable evidence.

37. 5 Personal disinterest in a programme content will help your objectivity in assessing its potential for your public relations purposes.

38. Objectively I looked like a pile of coathangers, but objectivity was some-thing I had lost long ago.

39. An Angry person may lose their objectivity, empathy, prudence or thoughtfulness and may cause harm to themselves or others

40. But Peckinpah is unable to create any objectivity towards the sadistic spectacle, in the manner of, say, Akira Kurosawa.

41. Lexicographer Kory Stamper Anatomizes each term with all the relish of objectivity, delving into each word's historical origins and evolution …

42. As an alternative, testing activities may be performed on the premises of one of the signatories, provided that full objectivity can be guaranteed.

43. It reports the nitty-gritty events with objectivity, disambiguating the meaning and analyzing the essence of content in a cutting way.

44. The two sides stressed the importance of objectivity and impartiality of the United Nations and its specialized agencies in pursuing their work.

45. The ability to see the culture of one’s own society as a whole . . . calls for a degree of objectivity which is rarely if ever achieved.”

46. The presence of a reliable and easy to follow Audit trail is an indicator of solid internal controls instituted by a firm, and forms the basis of objectivity.

47. The confusing position of the several Christian churches, tends to compound rather than help the objectivity of politicians trying to reach enlightened conclusions, and seems to Confute St

48. Zarathustra Abjures all those who would fain turn an IMPERSONAL eye upon nature and contemplate her phenomena with that pure objectivity to which the scientific idealists of to …

49. Conformability refers to the objectivity, that is, the potential for congruence between two or more independent people about the data’s accuracy, relevance, or meaning. Transferability refers to the potential for extrapolation

50. Further steps took place in # when the CFC published another resolution (replacing the one it published in # ) defining seven basic accounting principles, namely: legal entity, going-concern, historical cost, prudence, accrual basis, objectivity and monetary adjustment