objective function in English

(in linear programming) the function that it is desired to maximize or minimize.
The purpose of a linear program is to maximize or minimize an objective function subject to a set of linear constraints.

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1. Objective function of overall system is NEPV.

2. This was our objective function for the linear regression.

3. However, the objective function increases if we increase any variable.

4. The expressions of ideal frequency distortion M_0, objective function Y are presented.

5. Furthermore we consider the general job shop scheduling problem with algebraic objective function.

6. Similarly, there is an objective function which has T2 as its optimal tableau.

7. The up-pseudo-cost is where is the objective function value of the up-problem.

8. The goal is to maximize the value of the objective function subject to the constraints.

9. An optimal scheduling model, which had resource constraints and adopted makespan as objective function, was built.

10. The minimum of the objective function returns the signal powers for each channel to be tuned.

11. The multi-step predictive information is included in the optimization objective function and improves the robu...

12. Class origins are less important than the objective function of serving the interests of the ruling class.

13. These two methods use negative stacked energy as objective function and static correction value as model parameter.

14. Analogously, if we could relax the sugar constraint by one unit, the objective function would improve by 0.075.

15. A solution is a vector (a list) of n values that achieves the maximum value for the objective function.

16. To accommodate multiple objectives, we will extend the simplex tableau by including an additional objective row for each objective function.

17. A feasible solution that minimizes (or maximizes, if that is the goal) the objective function is called an optimal solution.

18. In this case, there is no such maximum as the objective function is unbounded, so the answer is "infinity" or "undefined".

19. Forcing x r to an integer value reduces the objective function by approximately for the down-problem and for the up-problem.

20. 13 Forcing x r to an integer value reduces the objective function by approximately for the down-problem and for the up-problem.

21. Constraint satisfaction studies the case in which the objective function f is constant (this is used in artificial intelligence, particularly in automated reasoning).

22. Analysizing the factors that effect the ship-to-air firepower assignment and combining the shooting advantage degree, acquires the objective function under the constraint.

23. For function optimization problems, according to the nature of the objective function domain, can be divided into discrete function optimization and continuous function optimization.

24. 3.1 Conjugate Gradient Optimizer Aplace uses the conjugate gradient method to search the non-constrained minimum of the high-dimensional objective function of Equation (9)

25. This paper contains an ALGOL-Procedure for solving mixed integer programming problems with convex objective function and constraints according to a method of Burkard [2].

26. To the nonconvex programming, the article makes it local convexification by introducing a simple penalty function into the objective function, and solves it like solving convex programming.

27. Taking structure weight as objective function, the optimization model of overweight breech of a type of automatic weapon was established, and its structure topological optimization was performed.

28. Contractive autoencoder CAE adds an explicit regularizer in their objective function that forces the model to learn a function that is robust to slight variations of input values

29. The objective function on line 20 minimizes the total food cost as the total of each decision variable (amount of food) multiplied by that food's cost per unit.

30. Contractive autoencoder (CAE) The Contractive autoencoder adds an explicit regularizer in its objective function that forces the model to learn an encoding robust to slight variations of input values

31. The new method is shown to have Q-superlinear rate of convergence under standard assumptions on the objective function, and to decrease the number of line searches for good choice of parameters.

32. The feasible direction method and the complex method are used in the optimal design of dam section, with the same design variables and the objective function. They led to the same result.

33. Combinatorial optimization is the process of searching for maxima (or minima) of an objective function F whose domain is a discrete but large configuration space (as opposed to an N-dimensional continuous space)

34. For example, a Corrigible cleaning robot might update its objective function from "clean the house" to "shut down" upon observing that a human user is about to deactivate it

35. In more detail, CAESES ® internally connects the computed Adjoint shape sensitivities from the CFD solver (change of objective function due to model surface displacement) with the so-called design velocities of the CAESES ® geometry (model surface