humdinger|humdingers in English


[hum·ding·er || 'hʌmdɪŋə(r)]

extraordinary person or thing (Slang)

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1. Filmlike humdingers mug Munsee Behoot

2. That dinner is a humdinger.

3. It should be a humdinger of a match.

4. a humdinger of a blizzard.

5. Annabel's party was a real humdinger.

6. His latest novel is a humdinger.

7. We had a humdinger of an argument.

8. His girl - friend is a real humdinger.

9. My new sportscar is a real humdinger.

10. It turned into a real humdinger of a game.

11. Brown must have been a humdinger of a playground supervisor.

12. And it was a humdinger, delivered with passion and poise.

13. There was a humdinger of a reception to greet us.

14. Pierre and Donna are having a humdinger of a row.

15. What a shame it couldn't have been more of a humdinger.

16. And it was a humdinger( ), delivered with passion and poise.

17. My brother and sister had a humdinger of a row last night.

18. Such excitement was absent during a first half that was more humdrum than humdinger.

19. Beaner n 1 An outstanding specimen of its type, a “humdinger.” chiefly Upper MW, WI old-fash 1899 Eve

20. Benguela: Sui/Chopsui (Open Record) “The latest from these Capetonian rhythm rebels is a humdinger, a smorgasbord of beats, riffs, intense grooves, melodic signatures and musical textures, all carefully captured on one of the most atmospheric albums of the year.” - Pretoria News review by Craig Canavan