guarantees for peace|guarantee for peace in English

promises for peace, assurances of peace, pledges for peace

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1. The best guarantee of peace is preparedness for war.

2. The computer comes with a three-year guarantee for peace of mind.

3. He argues strongly for retention of NATO as a guarantee of peace.

4. Finally, peace agreements have to address guarantees and design a mechanism for possible modifications beforehand.

5. We call this our peace of mind guarantee.

6. Peace psychological research can be analytically (research on peace) or normatively (research for peace) oriented.

7. An Administration for Peace


9. A foreigner’s longing for peace

10. We all hanker for peace.

11. The people clamouring for peace.

12. C . A crusader for peace.

13. A Climactic Call for Peace

14. People are longing for peace.

15. With one peace for his people... but peace had come at a price.

16. They asked for peace, for national reconciliation.

17. Maybe looking for peace and quiet.

18. Perhaps we should sue for peace.

19. The people were clamouring for peace.

20. The olive branch stands for peace.

21. No Peace for the False Messengers!

22. Many people yearn for inner peace.

23. Do you yearn for inner peace?

24. She longed for peace and solitude.Sentencedict

25. He has worked tirelessly for peace.