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1. Vertex Ac to vertex Ad = straight line.

2. the vertex of a mountain.

3. Cornea Basics An eye doctor can detect Cornea guttata

4. Erate vertex (V and Va) and severe vertex Baldnesses (VI and VII)

5. Read about diseases of the Cornea.

6. Keratitis Definition Inflammation of the cornea.

7. Objective : To investigate the relations between central cornea thickness ( CCT ) , central cornea diopter and axial in myopia.

8. They're typically attributes, as per vertex.

9. Construct a polygon with this vertex

10. then from the intersection in point b above, the straight line via vertex 13 to vertex 14;

11. Vertex radius polygon inscribed circle Circumscribed

12. Construct a triangle with this vertex

13. Max. vertex blend matrix palette size

14. Now we need a vertex buffer.

15. A forward bulging and thinning of the Cornea

16. How much for one cornea?

Bao tiền một giác mô mắt?

17. Adjacent segments of a line string or shape: An additional vertex is inserted and the common vertex is adjusted to form the Chamfer.

18. Clouding may affect all or part of the cornea

19. Branchings rooted at the vertex corresponding to the root vertex in the digraph divided by the sum of the exponential weight of all Branchings

20. By fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is presented, the teachers' teaching knowledge dissemination of vertex weight of complex network size, the vertex weight computing added.

21. Here are some common eye problems that can lead to a damaged Cornea: Keratoconus, where the Cornea is coneshaped rather than dome-shaped; Fuchs’ dystrophy, where cells in the inner layer of the Cornea are not working effectively; Eye infections or injuries that scar the Cornea

22. While a normal Cornea has a rounded shape, a Cornea with keratoconus can bulge outward and become a cone shape.

23. Cornea, External Disease and Anterior Segment

24. Select a vertex for the new polygon

25. Undergo a heart transplant; surgical transplant of a cornea.