vertical hemianopia in Vietnamese

Bán manh đường thẳng đứng.

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1. Altitudinal hemianopia synonyms, Altitudinal hemianopia pronunciation, Altitudinal hemianopia translation, English dictionary definition of Altitudinal hemianopia

2. Related to Altitudinal: Altitudinal hemianopia, Altitudinal field defect altitude, vertical distance of an object above some datum plane, such as mean sea level sea level,

3. A total bitemporal hemianopia creates a special situation, because the patient loses a three-dimensional space behind a vertical line through the point of fixation.

4. Related to congruous: congruity, Congruously, congruous hemianopia

5. The 3 patients had a bitemporal hemianopia.

6. Among the focus symptoms, lateral hemianopia is rare.

7. Ten weeks after diagnosis we observe hemianopia... with transient horizontal nystagmus.

8. Optokinetic nystagmus in patients with hemianopia is dealt with in detail.

9. The author discusses the pathogenetic aspects of posttraumatic bitemporal hemianopia.

10. A pituitary adenoma classically presents with bitemporal hemianopia when compression occurs at the optic chiasm.

11. Altitudinal hemianopia comprises defective vision in the upper or lower horizontal half of the visual field

12. His homonymous hemianopia prevented him from meeting the requirement of having at least 120degrees of peripheral vision.

13. Altitudinal hemianopia was the most frequent non-central scotoma pattern in NMO

14. That vertical line is the vertical Asymptote x=-3

15. Visual acuity was 0.8 and a hemianopia inferior due to a NAION was diagnosed.

16. This can involve both forward vertical integration and backward vertical integration.

17. Lower Altitudinal Hemianopia is caused as a result of destruction of bilateral destruction of cunei

18. The results were not consistent, i.e. interhemispherical differences were not always according to the hemianopia.

19. Civil-Vertical Propeller

20. Align Vertical Middle

21. His homonymous hemianopia prevented him from meeting the requirement of having at least 120 degrees of peripheral vision.

22. However, the evidence revealed that two tests for road safety had been developed for people with homonymous hemianopia.

23. Vertical motion detector

24. Align Vertical Center

25. Emboss Vertical Only