vertiginous in Vietnamese

Tính từ
1. quay tròn, xoay tròn
2. làm cho chóng mặt

Sentence patterns related to "vertiginous"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "vertiginous" from the English - Vietnamese Medical Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "vertiginous", or refer to the context using the word "vertiginous" in the English - Vietnamese Medical Dictionary.

1. A vertiginous climb up the face of the cliff.

2. 16 The two skyscrapers were connected by a vertiginous walkway.

3. There was nothing left in the world but this vertiginous wave.

4. Today, the spread of cultural influence has attained vertiginous speed.

5. For a vertiginous instant, Ace lost all sense of direction.

6. From the path there was a vertiginous drop to the valley below.

7. For a vertiginous instant, Ace lost all sense of direction.

8. The most obvious is the vertiginous pattern of WuXi's financial performance, albeit from a low base.

9. And even from the mainland there appeared to be a distinctly vertiginous southern edge to the island.

10. From the top of the mountain there was a vertiginous drop to the valley below.

11. You'll find 10 vertiginous slopes in 4 unique locations, each - with their features, bonuses and surprises.

12. Synonyms for Aswoon include dizzy, lightheaded, giddy, woozy, vertiginous, swimmy, reeling, whirling, light-headed and faint

13. For days Kartoffel stood below it as storms flashed across the vertiginous face of ice and rubble.

14. They are surrounded by vertical, vertiginous rock walls with silvery waterfalls that are lost in the forest.

Chúng được bao quanh bằng các bức tường đá sừng sững với thác nước bạc mất hút trong cánh rừng.

15. By linking the analogue source to its digital representation, Cine-scope induces a vertiginous self-reflection of the medium.

16. Parkgoers draw perverse amusement from watching its victims stagger about in a state of vertiginous disorientation, after just one ride.

17. Chan a 34 - year - old high - school dropout, has one of Hong Kong's most vertiginous and challenging blue - collar jobs .

18. Antonyms well serious healthy fit keep down Synonyms giddy sick ill vertiginous dizzy Featured Games Trending Searches 🔥 feature beautiful gujarati negative-impact creative challenge

19. Secondly, though there is an audible vertigo, as is known by the Battement, or undulations of sound in the ears, which many vertiginous people experience [… French [ …

20. Borges dreams of libraries and Nabokov texts and commentaries, but Calvino pictures acres of vulnerable print, gathered into volumes but constantly menaced with dispersion or vertiginous error.''

21. Among those vertiginous research efforts was Project Excelsior, which sought to answer questions such as: Could someone escape from a high-flying aircraft or space capsule using a parachute?

22. If you've taken in the views from Hong Kong's famous Victoria Peak, there's a new aerie from which to catch vistas just as vertiginous — and that's the newly opened Ritz-Carlton.