vertical diplopia in Vietnamese

Song thị thẳng đứng

Sentence patterns related to "vertical diplopia"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "vertical diplopia" from the English - Vietnamese Medical Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "vertical diplopia", or refer to the context using the word "vertical diplopia" in the English - Vietnamese Medical Dictionary.

1. blurred vision diplopia, scotoma

2. Diplopia and positive traction-test not resolving within 10 days. Large hermiation into the antrum.

3. Instead of seeing two different images or double vision (diplopia), the brain suppresses the Blurrier image

4. That vertical line is the vertical Asymptote x=-3

5. This can involve both forward vertical integration and backward vertical integration.

6. Civil-Vertical Propeller

7. Align Vertical Middle

8. Vertical motion detector

9. Align Vertical Center

10. Emboss Vertical Only

11. Align Vertical Distribute

12. Civil-Vertical Compressor

Civil-Máy nén thẳng đứngStencils

13. Carbonized Vertical Solid Bamboo

14. Circuit-Vertical Inductor (European

15. Lines for vertical scan

16. Circuit-Vertical Led (European

Mạch điện-Đèn LED thẳng đứng (châu Âu) Stencils

17. Get your vertical up!

Dựng cái cột thẳng lên!

18. Circuit-Vertical Fuse (European

Mạch điện-Cầu chì thẳng đứng (châu Âu) Stencils

19. Vertical Garment Storage Carousels

20. Vertical, multistage Centrifugal pump.

21. Walls are usually vertical.

22. The relationships between frictional factor , vertical pressure and frictional resistance vertical pressure are grained.

23. Circuit-Vertical Resistor (European

Mạch điện-Điện trở thẳng đứng (châu Âu) Stencils

24. In a vertical Chewing pattern, the jaw moves up and down in a vertical motion

25. A vertical circulating combustion boiler with multi-furnace includes at least two vertical furnaces (30).