abandoning in Korean

verb - abandon
버리다: forsake, dump, desert, cast away, abandon, abdicate
그만두다: stop, quit, cease, discontinue, give up, abandon
포기하다: abandon, renounce, waive, back down, cast off, put away
넘겨주다: pass over, extradite, give up, give over, deliver, abandon
투기하다: speculate, abando

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1. Abandoning synonyms, Abandoning pronunciation, Abandoning translation, English dictionary definition of Abandoning

2. But abandoning our realm would mean abandoning the world as well.

3. We are abandoning!

4. I'm not abandoning you.

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6. You're abandoning me as well.

7. Abandoning Sunday by Michael Thomas.

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10. Many poor countries are abandoning autocracy.

11. Abandoning of production will automatically go hand in hand with the abandoning of delivery rights enjoyed by growers

12. Apparatus and method for abandoning a well

13. Kirk's good half considers abandoning his evil half.

14. “At once abandoning the nets, they followed him.”

15. Iconology phototypesetter abandoning devilwise coverages Anthropobiologist whipcat statuted

16. Barriers to its use have doctors Abandoning it.

17. They were accused of abandoning their socialist principles.

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19. New Jersey Abandoning a Motor Vehicle Offense Explained

20. However, we are not abandoning some values altogether.

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22. Annexation would force Israel to choose between abandoning its commitment to democracy, or abandoning its status as a majority-Jewish state

23. Abandoning Principle for Impeachment Has Disturbing Consequences U.S

24. Adjectives for Abandon include Abandonable, Abandoned and Abandoning

25. Lexington's crew began abandoning ship at 17:07.

26. FATHERS are abandoning their families in increasing numbers.

27. Abandoning or Endangering Child is a Texas crime that you can commit by either Abandoning a child or exposing a child to imminent danger

28. Well, Sue, don't think of it as abandoning them.

29. Are we abandoning the ethical argument altogether as well?

윤리적인 문제도 위반하는거 아닌가요?

30. Abandoning Thrawn's elegant tactics, these Imperials struck without compunction.

31. Abandoning his trademark buzzers, Blarings and black, cryptlike sets, Mr

32. Investors Abandoning T-Bills and Treasury Bonds As Yields Soar

33. The ADB is abandoning crucial public support for social development.

34. It is not just the ‘crew’ that is abandoning ship.

배를 떠나는 것은 선원들만이 아니다.

35. Abandoning any pretense at politeness, they ran for the door.

36. Louisiana mother arrested for Abandoning three kids in Florida

37. Abandoning: to give (oneself) over to something especially unrestrainedly

38. The Prime Minister called for abandoning the incremental approach.

39. Maltreatment and abandoning of disabled persons shall be prohibited.

40. Or assuage the guilt for abandoning that traditional ideal.

41. Abandonment definition is - the act of abandoning something or someone

42. She put forward some cogent reasons for abandoning the plan.

43. It is not about abandoning citizens' rights of free movement.

44. Aback abaft abandon abandoned abandoning abandonment abandons abase abased abasement Abasements …

45. (gerund)An Abandoning husband can be a precursor to ba

46. After abandoning his former life-style, João also got baptized.

47. Abandoning ship seems like a pretty good idea to me.

48. While abandoning a child typically involves physical Abandonment -- such as

49. 15 Abandoning the straight path, they have been led astray.

50. Abandoning the Conference is not the right path to a solution.