abated in Korean

verb - abate
감소시키다: abate, rebate, slacken, sink
배제하다: exclude, preclude, abate, foreclose
중지하다: stop, surcease, abate, stow, suspend, cease

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1. Firing abates, Abated, has Abated

2. Abated Sentence Examples The pain Abated and she waited a few minutes

3. Firing is Abated, was Abated, has been Abated (by the police).Here the verb has been used as a …

4. Your symptoms have abated?

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7. Their fears have not abated.

그들이 가지고 있는 두려움은 전혀 줄어들지 않았습니다.

8. The pollution has abated.

여기에는 더 좋은 의미가 있습니다.

9. Costs are estimated at € # ton # abated

10. The ache in my head abated.

11. The fury of the storm abated.

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13. Abated is a crossword puzzle clue

14. The noise in my head abated.

제 마음 속의 소음들이 잦아들었어요.

15. To make void: The judge Abated the lawsuit

16. Costs in EUR per tonne of abated pollutant:

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18. Costs in EUR per tonne of abated pollutant

19. Abated Tax & Financial Services Company, Chicago, Illinois

20. The violence has largely abated since November 2003.

이러한 폭력은 2003년 11월 이후로 크게 줄어들었다.

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22. In addition, short-term price pressures abated.

23. Jehovah’s righteous anger against Nineveh simply abated.

그분은 니네베 사람들이 변화한 것을 보시고 원래 내리기로 했던 처벌이 더 이상 필요하지 않다고 생각하셨습니다.

24. Tardiness, once a chronic problem, has abated.

25. Abated Mass Of Flesh The official Bandcamp of Abated Mass of Flesh The Dead Will Never Forgive Us, released 04 September 2020 1

26. (Deuteronomy 32:4) Jehovah’s righteous anger against Nineveh simply abated.

(신명 32:4) 니네베를 향한 여호와의 의로운 분노는 단지 누그러진 것이었습니다.

27. And the wind abated, and a great calm set in. . . .

하고 말씀하셨다. 그러자 바람이 잠잠해지고 아주 고요하게 되었다.

28. “The wind abated, and a great calm set in.”

“바람이 그치고 아주 잔잔하여”졌다.

29. The hunger Abated, and she dropped her head back to …

30. Nevertheless, after the initial excitement abated, inevitable questions were raised.

하지만 처음에 들떠 있던 분위기가 가라앉으면서, 피할 수 없는 질문이 제기되었습니다.

31. And the wind abated, and a great calm set in”

하고 말씀하셨다. 그러자 바람이 잠잠해지고 아주 고요하게 되었다.”

32. + And the wind abated, and a great calm set in.

하고 말씀하시자,+ 바람이 멎고 아주 고요해졌다.

33. And the wind abated, and a great calm set in.”

하고 말씀하셨다. 그러자 바람이 잠잠해지고 아주 고요하게 되었다.”

34. Independent newspapers were given greater freedom, and political harassment abated considerably.

35. The tense situation at Martinique eventually dissipated, and the crisis abated.

36. The zeal of the brothers for the field ministry has not abated.

야외 봉사에 대한 형제들의 열심은 줄어들지 않았다.

37. + 32 After they got up into the boat, the windstorm abated.

38. The storms had abated by the time they rounded Cape Horn.

39. Nitrogen emissions needed to be further abated, particularly ammonia emissions in agricultural activities.

40. The word Abated uses 6 letters: a, a, b, d, e, t

41. After the floods were abated, they went forth out of the ark.

물은 줄어 들었고, 그들은 방주 밖으로 나왔습니다.

42. Abated is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times

43. Gradually the man’s fear abated, and in time he accepted a Bible study.

차차 그의 두려움이 줄어들었고, 이윽고 그는 성서 연구를 받아들였다.

44. Wu Sun - fu's irascibility appeared to have abated somewhat , for his frown disappeared.

45. Although slavery abated somewhat after the fall of the Roman Empire, the practice continued.

로마 제국이 붕괴되고 나서 노예 제도가 약간 주춤하기는 했지만, 그 관습은 계속 이어졌습니다.

46. The rifle fire Abated and the ground shook with the drumming of hooves

47. A significant issue is that tax-Abated properties are sometimes in less desirable neighborhoods

48. Have the religion-based slaughters in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and Asia abated?

북아일랜드와 중동, 및 아시아에서의 종교 살육전은 완화되었는가?

49. + 51 Then he got up into the boat with them, and the wind abated.

+ 51 그리고 그들이 탄 배에 오르시자 바람이 잠잠해졌다. 그래서 그들은 몹시 놀랐다.

50. However, the crisis abated, and Ticonderoga entered Subic Bay on 27 April for upkeep.