abandoned in Korean

adjective - abandoned
버림받은: abandoned, deserted, forsaken, castaway, forlorn, off-cast
자포자기한: abandoned
쟈유 분방한: abandoned

Sentence patterns related to "abandoned"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "abandoned" from the English - Korean. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "abandoned", or refer to the context using the word "abandoned" in the English - Korean.

1. Abandoned definition, forsaken or deserted: an Abandoned building; an Abandoned kitten

2. Abandonee From the web: what abandoned place are you quiz; what abandoned means; what abandoned island is in skyfall; what abandoned property; what abandoned olympic venues

3. You can find Cobwebs in abandoned mineshafts or abandoned libraries

4. You abandoned me.

5. ( Wil ) Looks abandoned.

6. Abandonee From the web: what abandoned place are you quiz; what abandoned means

7. It's an abandoned ship!

8. He abandoned his wife.

9. * Feeling abandoned and rejected

10. The party abandoned me.

11. He abandoned all hope.

12. Abandoned in a bin?

13. The town seemed abandoned.

14. A dozen abandoned villages.

15. Every city is abandoned,

모든 도시가 버려져

16. Instructions for Abandoned Boat Process

17. Find another word for Abandoned

18. Well, you abandoned your children.

19. Contemplation was abandoned for action.

20. They abandoned the project midstream.

21. Abandoned: left unoccupied or unused

22. Because they have abandoned me,+

23. Well, at least it's abandoned.

24. Well, they've abandoned these offices.

25. Abandoned: Directed by Michael Feifer

26. Prison hallway Abandoned in 1971

27. Just found Brooke's car... abandoned.

28. Though today it is abandoned..

29. Tu-138 New development, abandoned.

30. Abandoned crystal mill, Colorado 23

31. She abandoned her journey temporarily.

32. They abandoned the sinking ship.

33. They thought Enterprise had been abandoned.

34. My well-wishers have abandoned me.

35. Abandoned complex at 7th and Rucka.

36. They are completely scrapped or abandoned.

37. The cargo harbour has been abandoned.

38. And I thought you abandoned me.

39. The village had been hastily abandoned.

40. I'm so sorry I abandoned her.

41. The little girl abandoned her tricycle.

42. Flash is Bloodlusted Abandoned Earth Tak

43. be abandoned in accordance with Article

44. Abandoned farms were called "Bennett barnyards."


46. The Abandoned Warehouse by Argles, literature

47. Abandoned - Kindle edition by Petit, C.J.

48. This property's been abandoned for decades.

49. • lands abandoned for 21-100 years.

50. She abandoned you on that kibbutz.