abatis in Korean

noun - abatis
녹채: entanglement, abatis

Sentence patterns related to "abatis"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "abatis" from the English - Korean. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "abatis", or refer to the context using the word "abatis" in the English - Korean.

1. There, de Salaberry had an abatis.

2. Furthermore, the Confederates had formed dense barriers using felled trees for abatis.

3. Reinforcing obstacles include such things as entrenchments, earthworks, and abatis.

4. Rice had placed the federal forces behind breastworks, abatis and rifle pits.

5. Abatis Obstacle or barricade made of felled trees with the branches pointing outwards.

6. Abatis are used alone or in combination with wire entanglements and other obstacles.

7. Rifle volleys from behind abatis caused the Confederates to stop for the night.

8. The corps encountered the Confederates behind breastworks of cotton bales fronted by a bayou and abatis.

9. Kershaw's men charged into the abatis twice and were driven back with heavy losses.

10. Dunovant's men advanced as far as the ditch and abatis, but were driven back by heavy fire.

11. An advance guard from Curtis's brigade used axes to cut through the palisades and abatis.

12. He took no precautions beyond strengthening his picket lines, and refused to entrench, build abatis, or push out reconnaissance patrols.

13. The Confederates were pushed off the Lee's Mill Road and back into the woods and the abatis of their defensive positions.

14. He marched his men south on the single road, clearing the obstructions of fallen timber that formed an abatis.

15. A reserve of 1 500 men were positioned behind the abatis. Most of the reserve units were assembled behind the four Canadian defence positions.

16. They engaged the British positions with small arms and cannon fire for an hour, at which point they advanced to the abatis.

17. Another temporary artificial obstacle which could be built relatively quickly in the event of an attack, or to close gaps in a landwehr, was the abatis.

18. On Newton's left, his brigade under Brig. Gen. George D. Wagner attacked through dense undergrowth, but was unable to break through the abatis and fierce rifle fire.

19. At one point, the fire became so intense that the Fencibles, who had been placed in front of the abatis, withdrew to a position behind it.

20. The 3,600 French troops defeated a massive army of 16,000 British and Colonial troops by fronting their defensive positions with an extremely dense abatis.

21. The low ground between the left flank and the La Chute River was guarded by militia and marines, who had also constructed abatis to help protect their position.

22. He ordered the felling of trees to build tangled breastworks of "abatis" in the ravines where the Chateauguay met the English River, then dispersed his troops through the woods.

23. He reported to Washington "The whole country is one vast fort, and Johnston must have at least 50 miles (80 km) of connected trenches with abatis and finished batteries.

24. The delay allowed the Confederates to strengthen their defenses with an abatis, which slowed the Union attack when it restarted on the morning of August 6.

25. In addition to the earthworks, Gardner instructed his men to create a series of abatis defenses, consisting of cut timbers sharpened at the ends and pointed in the direction of attackers.

26. Three strong redoubts were built, circled by an abatis and manned by Highlanders from the 71st Foot, Hessians from the Regiment von Trumbach, and companies of Loyalists from North and South Carolina.

27. In front of the fortifications, the Patriot forces dug an 18-foot-wide moat, and between the moat and parapet they constructed a line of abatis to stall any British assault.

28. Then, further behind the main abatis, de Salaberry ordered construction of four defence lines, the last of which was to protect Grant's Ford and safeguard the flanks of the Canadian positions.

29. An abatis, abattis, or abbattis is a field fortification consisting of an obstacle formed (in the modern era) of the branches of trees laid in a row, with the sharpened tops directed outwards, towards the enemy.

30. "Turkish Louis" Louis XIV, the "Sun King" The bulwark consisted of a roughly 40-metre-wide Verhack, an abatis of branches and logs that was followed by a roughly 2.5-metre-deep ditch.

31. They crossed water barriers and abatis and carried the advance rifle pits on the weight of sheer numbers, but met stiff resistance when they came against the main Confederate line and began to crumble under the heavy fire.

32. On the morning of June 25 at the Battle of Oak Grove, Sickles's New Yorkers encountered difficulties moving through their abatis, then through the upper portions of an impeding swamp, and finally met stiff Confederate resistance, all of which threw the Federal line out of alignment.

33. In the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Zaraysk was one of the fortresses forming a part of the Great Abatis Border, a fortified line of felled trees, barricades, fortresses, ditches, which were built by Russians as a protection against the hordes of the Crimean and Kazan Tatars.

34. Other uses of an abatis can be found at the Battle of the Chateauguay, 26 October 1813, when approximately 1,300 Canadian voltigeurs, under the command of Charles-Michel de Salaberry, defeated an American corps of approximately 4,000 men, or at the Battle of Plattsburgh.

35. It is absolutely clear that such ambitious defense system comparable only with the Great Chinese Wall or even Abatis line of Moskovite Russia (by the way both of them are not the integrated full lines) could be built only if administrative force represented by the state power was existed.

36. De Salaberry quickly advanced to behind the abatis, taking with him the light company of Captain Ferguson's Canadian Fencibles, two companies of Voltigeurs under Captains Juchereau-Duchesnay, a party of 22 Amerindians under Captain Lamothe, and a company of the 2nd Battalion Sedentary Militia of Beauharnois under Captain Longuetin.

37. Although Robinson and Grover made good progress on the left and in the center, Sickles's New Yorkers encountered difficulties moving through their abatis, then through the upper portions of the swamp, and finally met stiff Confederate resistance, all of which threw the Federal line out of alignment.

38. The name of the city is attested in various forms over the centuries: Brittania (in the 3rd century), Abacivo villa (6th century), Bacivum palatium, Cloie and Cloye (in the 7th century), Abacivum villa, Basiu, Haymonis villa, Abbatis villa, Abbevilla (in the 11th century), Abbavilla, Abedvilla, Abatis villa, Abbasvilla, Abbisvilla, Abbevile in 1209, Abbevilla in ponticio in 1213, Abisvil, Abeville in 1255, Abbeville in 1266, Abbisville, Abbeville en Pontiu (13th century), Albeville, Aubeville in 1358, Albeville in 1347, Aubbeville, Aubeville, Abevile (1383), Abbativilla and, finally, Abbeville, meaning the "Villa of the Abbé" because it once depended on the Abbey of Saint-Riquier .