abating in Korean

verb - abate
감소시키다: abate, rebate, slacken, sink
배제하다: exclude, preclude, abate, foreclose
중지하다: stop, surcease, abate, stow, suspend, cease

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4. Abating Sentence Examples Meanwhile France provided Italy with fresh cause for uneasiness by Abating her hostility to Germany

5. Religious hatred shows no sign of abating.

종교적인 증오심은 수그러들 기미가 보이지 않는다.

6. The exodus shows no signs of abating.”

이러한 탈출의 도가 줄어들고 있다는 아무런 기미도 보이지 않는다.”

7. Ishmaelitish Trace Cudgellings, his treenail abating assesses anticipatorily

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9. Abating is a conjugated form of the verb abate

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11. Hence he appears to have encouraged agriculture by Abating the …

12. The crisis is abating somewhat but the prospects remain uncertain.

13. The numerical value of Abating in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

14. The numerical value of Abating in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

15. Revenue from the new company would go exclusively to Abating the …

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17. Abating Economic Disaster: A Call to Reform Oklahoma’s Public Nuisance Statute

18. Reuse of waste water plays a crucial role in abating pollution .

19. Before 19 neither peasant land hunger nor working-class militancy were abating.

20. Synonyms for Abating. declining, decreasing, de-escalating, diminishing, draining (away), dropping (off),

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22. Abating Link requires 223% strength in order to strip 100% of armour

23. The opposition Socialist Party argued against an extension, saying emergency measures were no longer needed because violence is Abating. He says there was no sign yet that consumer demand in Scotland was Abating. The company operates in a very competitive industry, with little sign of the competitive pressures Abating.

24. Pandemic's Surge In TV Viewing Shows No Sign Of Abating - 03/30/2021

25. However, we will disregard that possibility as plants always have other ways of Abating

26. A housing (10) for abating noise and receiving an air cleaner (40) is disclosed.

27. Regional conflicts that seemed intractable a few months ago are showing signs of abating.

몇 달 전만 해도 도무지 해결될 것 같지 않던 지역 분쟁들이 수그러질 기미를 보이고 있다.

28. Abating In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives

29. 4. The speed and ferocity of this crisis does not indicate any signs of abating.

30. No response yet from the mayor's office as the controversy shows no signs of abating.

31. Synonyms for Bating include ebbing, lessening, waning, aBating, moderating, slackening, lapsing, easing, checking and curbing

32. After two years of rate increases, Australia's home price boom only recently shows signs of abating.

33. These numbers remind us that this trend shows no sign of abating in the near future.

34. “The rise in sexual themes and explicitness shows no sign of abating,” reports one research team.

“증가 일로에 있는 성을 주제로 한 장면이나 노골적인 묘사는 전혀 줄어들 기미를 보이지 않는다.

35. Icy blast of anti-Ted Cruz outrage shows little sign of Abating Tom McCarthy 2/19/2021

36. Below you will find the solution for: Never Abating 7 Little Words Bonus which contains 10 Letters

37. Abatement definition is - the act or process of reducing or otherwise abating something : the state of being abated

38. By abating trade costs, more open market access conditions do contribute to the integration of countries into GSCs.

39. Abatement definition, the act or state of abating or the state of being abated; reduction; decrease; alleviation; mitigation

40. Crossword solutions for ??a?i?? - abacist, abasing, abating, abaxial, abaxile, acaciae, acacias, Acacine, acadian, acarids, acarina, acarine, adagial, adagios

41. American policies, correspondingly, transformed from abating the hostility between Indonesia and the West to weakening the political base of Sukarno.

42. Because hatred between rival ethnic, racial, and religious groups —the underlying cause of civil wars— shows no sign of abating.

내전의 근본 원인인, 경쟁 관계에 있는 민족·인종·종교 집단 간의 증오가 줄어들 기미를 보이지 않고 있기 때문이다.

43. Observers are concerned that this trend, which gives no sign of abating, eventually could spell the demise of the miracle.

관찰자들은 누그러질 기미가 보이지 않는, 결국 기적이 끝나는 것을 의미할 수 있는 이러한 추세를 염려한다.

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45. The fires ravaging the Amazon rainforest show no sign of Abating with hundreds of new blazes reported yesterday by Brazil's space agency

46. His workers had to work day and night to satisfy the demand, and the crowds of visitors showed no sign of abating.

47. Emphasize that both costs---the cost of emitting carbon and the cost of Abating carbon---need to be accounted for in policy-making

48. With the abating of the floodwaters, an olive tree that had been submerged would again be on dry ground and could put forth leaves.

홍수로 인한 물이 줄어들면서, 물속에 잠겨 있던 올리브나무가 다시 마른 땅 위에 있게 되고 잎이 돋아났을 수 있습니다.

49. "Economic developments in Mali in the first half of 2008 were dominated by an inflationary surge, now abating, from rising food and fuel prices.

50. Policies aimed at eliminating price controls, privatizing farms, abating taxes on agricultural exports, removing subsidies on inputs and encouraging competition have produced poor results.