aardwolves in Korean

noun - aardwolf
땅늑대: aardwolf

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1. Aardwolves synonyms, Aardwolves pronunciation, Aardwolves translation, English dictionary definition of Aardwolves

2. Where do Aardwolves live? There are two separate populations of Aardwolves

3. Aardwolves and people: Aardwolves may be hunted as a food

4. Aardwolves are related to hyenas

5. What are synonyms for Aardwolves?

6. Synonyms for Aardwolves in Free Thesaurus

7. Aardwolves cannot be caught with food-baited traps, but may be lured with scent-marks of other Aardwolves

8. Question: Aardwolves can use scent for protection

9. The Aardwolves are in the Zoos newest exhibit, Night Hunters

10. Some other carnivores, such as lions, have been reported to kill Aardwolves, and parent Aardwolves guard their burrows to prevent jackals from eating their cubs

11. Predators Humans and dogs are the main predators of Aardwolves

12. Aardwolves are monogamous and both parents raise the cubs together

13. Aardwolves are solitary, but several females with cubs may share a burrow

14. These two ranges are separated by wet wooded areas, which Aardwolves avoid

15. Aardwolves are shy and nocturnal animals that sleep in burrows by day

16. Music by Aardwolves has been featured in the Heartland soundtrack

17. During the breeding season, unpaired male Aardwolves will search their own …

18. I wanted to know if the threat of a jackal attack affected Aardwolves.

19. Here is the meaning and Word Scramble Game information for Aardwolves

20. Aardwolves prefer to live in dry, open plains and bushland areas

21. Aardwolves are a species of animal native to the Pride Lands

22. Physical Description Like all members of the hyaenidae, Aardwolves have longer

23. Aardwolves live in open, dry plains and bushland, avoiding mountainous areas

24. Aardwolves females in the Eastern African range are larger than their South African counterparts

25. Aardwolves, about the size of a fox, are not the toughest carnivores

26. Aardwolves reach sexual maturity by the time they are 2 years old

27. Aardwolves are insectivores, relying on termites for the majority of their diet.

28. Aardwolves spend time in shared territories consisting of up to a dozen dens

29. While hyenas (or hyaenas) are social creatures that frequently travel in groups, Aardwolves usually travel alone

30. Answer: Like skunks, Aardwolves secrete a powerful, foul-smelling substance from scent glands under their tails

31. Aardwolves may also carry the parasite Haemaphysalis zumpti, a tick that favors small burrowing mammals

32. For most of the year, Aardwolves spend time in shared territories consisting of up to a dozen dens.

33. These interesting animals are often killed by farmers due to misconception that Aardwolves attack their livestock.

34. Unlike aardvarks, Aardwolves usually leave the termite mounds intact, preferring to lick termites off the surface of the soil

35. Aardwolves definition: a nocturnal mammal, Proteles cristatus, that inhabits the plains of southern Africa and Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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37. Aardwolves frequently have aggressive territorial disputes with the canines and chase the jackals from their breeding dens.

38. Aardwolf (plural Aardwolves) A nocturnal , insectivorous mammal , Proteles cristatus , of southern and eastern Africa, related to and resembling the hyena

39. Although Aardwolves forage alone, they live in breeding pairs that defend a territory marked by secretions from the anal glands

40. Aardwolves are small, hyena -like creatures, belong to the Hyaenidae family (yet distantly related to the other Hyaenidae species)

41. Aardwolves are small, hyena -like creatures, belong to the Hyaenidae family (yet distantly related to the other Hyaenidae species)

42. Aardwolves are close in appearance to striped hyenas and they belong to the same family as the hyenas

43. Aardwolves generally mate with just one partner, although a dominant male may mate with the partner of a subordinate male

44. Hyenas “Even if pangolins are the sister group of carnivores, Aardwolves are well nested within Carnivora in the family Hyaenidae

45. The Aardwolves bark, emit a musky fluid from their anal glands, and sometimes use their rather sharp canine teeth to defend their territory

46. Aardwolf Facts (Proteles cristatus) Despite being a member of the hyena family, Aardwolves differ in many ways – one of them being their diet of termites

47. Aardwolves live in Africa, with a northern population ranging from Tanzania to Egypt and the southern group living in southern Zambia, Angola and Mozambique

48. Aardwolves are nocturnal animals, which means that they rest in the daytime and set out to search for their their food at night.

49. Aardwolves have sharp canine teeth they use for defense, but they rely on their long, sticky tongues and specialized peg-like "cheek teeth" to feed

50. Motivated by a love for all things cinematic, Vancouver-based trio Aardwolves combines Brian and Caleb Chan’s forward-thinking and innovative arrangements with Jordan Klassen’s subtly skillful topline