a-bomb in Korean

noun - A-bomb
조한 고속 자동차: A-bomb
원자폭탄: A-bomb

Sentence patterns related to "a-bomb"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "a-bomb" from the English - Korean. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "a-bomb", or refer to the context using the word "a-bomb" in the English - Korean.

1. Not a bomb.

2. There's a bomb.

3. It's a bomb!

4. It's a bomb.

5. There's a bomb!

6. You made a bomb?

7. Then a bomb hit.

그 다음에 더 안 좋은 일이 생겼다.

8. It's a bomb shelter.

9. He's got a bomb.

10. I'm building a bomb.

11. Anyway, it wasn't a bomb.

12. Bike is not a bomb.

13. Today they're planting a bomb.

14. The cure's like a bomb.

15. A bomb or some shit?

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17. They would never use a bomb.

그들은 절대 폭탄을 사용하지 않는다

18. You're going to build a bomb.

19. Looks like a bomb dropped. t

20. Did you forget you're a bomb?

21. There's a bomb in the building!

22. I repeat, it has a bomb!

23. A bomb completely wrecked the building.

24. There's a bomb ticking inside you.

25. Is there a bomb in there, Gord?

26. I planted a bomb in the school.


28. You told me there was a bomb.

29. She put a bomb in your car?

30. Was it really a bomb, or provocation?

31. And it reminded her of a bomb.

그녀에게 시한폭탄을 떠올리게 했습니다.

32. The terrorists had planted A bomb near the …

33. The suspect told Authorities he had a bomb.

34. The party's really going a bomb, isn't it?

35. I feel like a bomb about to detonate.

36. Oh, it looks more like a bomb shelter.

37. Several people were injured in a bomb explosion.

38. Their minibus was ripped apart by a bomb.

39. I know, how about setting up a bomb?

40. There was a bomb scare during the procession.

41. 13 They found a bomb underneath the car.

42. A bomb disposal team made the grenade safe.

43. Well, you don't have to be a bomb maker.

44. I never had a bomb in the first place.

45. It's like killing a unicorn with, like, a bomb.

46. A bomb exploded at the embassy, injuring several people.

47. 16 Several people were injured in a bomb explosion.

48. 12 For instance, a bomb went off last week.

49. 13 Several people were injured in a bomb explosion.

50. Hang on. You guys making a bomb without me?