a priori in Korean

[prīˈôrī,ˈä prēˈôrē,ˈā]
adverb - a priori
선천적으로: a priori
선험적으로: a priori
adjective - a priori
역적인: a priori
선험적인: transcendental, a priori
선천적인: a priori

Sentence patterns related to "a priori"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "a priori" from the English - Korean. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "a priori", or refer to the context using the word "a priori" in the English - Korean.

1. A priori, what's reasonable?

2. A Priori (Overarching) Priority stream:

3. A priori or a posteriori?

4. Very difficult, a priori probably almost impossible.

5. — their maturity is not standardised a priori;

6. It is a priori weaker than Amenability

7. From a priori +‎ -ism, after French Apriorisme.

8. Location accuracy improvement using a priori probabilities

9. Now, we probably think a priori that's unlikely.

10. But there is no a priori hierarchy of norms.

11. Improved viterbi device and method using a priori information

12. And it's not based on an a priori notion.

그리고 이것은 연역적인 생각에 기반한 것은 아니고요.

13. Pogorelov's method of a priori estimates was used by S.-T. Yau to obtain a priori estimates for solutions of complex Monge-Ampere equations.

14. Product coverage should be comprehensive and without a priori exclusions;]

15. Should alternative statistical methods be considered? a priori? a posteriori?

16. Some a priori estimates are obtained for the approximate solution.

17. Product coverage should be comprehensive and without a priori exclusions

18. The criteria for what is opposite is therefore something a priori.

19. A priori, the relevant product should therefore be regarded as plasterboard".

20. A priori no application of the ME Statute could be excluded.

21. The position of residents differs a priori from that of non-residents.

22. All of that should be true both a priori and a posteriori .

23. This algorithm requires not much a priori knowledge of the system parameters.

24. The direction of change in estimated impacts is as expected, a priori.

25. Apparatus and method for decoding a received message with a priori information

26. 32 However, such `double' taxation cannot be regarded a priori as unlawful.

27. It ensures that national legislation is a priori consistent with Community law

28. Therefore, reputable and qualified scientists in this field are boycotted a priori.

29. The suggested method doesn’t require a priori knowledge of the noise variance.

30. Unified iterative decoding architecture using joint llr extraction and a priori probability

31. A priori, this seems quite logical, but this conclusion is probably hasty.

32. A priori, this seems quite logical, but this conclusion is probably hasty

33. Here the Bayes risks are determined with the help of a-priori probabilities.

34. We can not dismiss claims about, say, alternative medicine or acupuncture a priori.

35. Kant maintained the view that human minds possess pure or a priori Concepts

36. By contrast, a priori temporary transfers against payment require better planning of production.

37. Shipments, whether imported or Community-produced, cannot be rejected a priori on suspicion.

38. A priori, the hours declared in the Wage Survey are hours actually paid.

39. There should be no a priori presumption about nature of these alleged crimes.

40. It is not possible, a priori, to determine the duration of the hospitalisation.

41. Other checks are carried out on public authorities, a priori and a posteriori.

42. Implementation of this constitutional provision may take place a priori or a posteriori

43. A priori probability of occurrence of sentences representing each emotional status is calculated .

44. Implementation of this constitutional provision may take place a priori or a posteriori.

45. There seems to be no a priori reason why nuclear transfer should work.

46. "It's freezing outside, you must be cold" is an example of a priori reasoning.

47. The most plausible instances of a priori concept are the formal concepts of logic.

48. One assumes, a priori, that a parent would be better at dealing with problems.

49. Their method does not require a priori knowledge about the number of independent sources.

50. A priori, there are grounds for concern in the case of many developing countries