woodcut|woodcuts in English


engraving in wood; impression or print from such engraving

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1. Door - Goods ( left and right ) , Traditional Taohuawu Woodcut Woodcut New Year Picture, SuZhou.

2. Woodcut depicting ancient Egyptian fishermen

3. Cheder Woodcut Irving Amen 1958

4. The woodcut "Autumn" was conceived as a harvest scene.

5. They show slight variations, for example in the woodcut decorations.

6. This is an enlargement from an original fifteenth-century woodcut.

7. The woodcut reproduced below circulated in print in the 1520 s.

8. Note the typical crude woodcut illustration, probably resurrected from an earlier publication.

9. In addition, many of Koberger’s books and Bibles included detailed woodcut illustrations.

10. This group of woodcut prints foreshadows the horrors that were to come.

11. In the graphic arts, the term Chiaroscuro refers to a particular technique for making a woodcut print in which effects of light and shade are produced by printing each tone from a different wood block. The technique was first used in woodcuts in Italy in the 16th century, probably by …

12. The playing - cards were printed by woodcut blocks, and many specimens survive.

13. The works exhibited consisted of The Utopia Suite, a collection of 72 woodcuts from 1990 by Aboriginal artists, and 16 paintings from artists who had taken part in the woodcuts project in 1990..

14. Shadows merge into the snow; the woodcut turns into a shadowy chalk drawing.

15. And there you can see that woodcut is basically what I ended up doing.

16. Texture, which is the important language form in woodcut creation, is always valued by artists.

17. 22 The antique woodcuts, etchings, and contemporary photographs that illustrate the book are at once gruesome and riveting.

18. Huang Kai's comic - panel color woodcut prints depict playing with his friends as a child.

19. In the history of the Chinese Reborn Woodcut Movement are still many deserved to be investigated.

20. Luxun had deep love for artistic works all his life, especially in woodcut of block print.

21. Chunk is an ultra-bold slab serif typeface that is reminiscent of old American Western woodcuts, broadsides, and newspaper headlines

22. This edition was adorned by three woodcuts, and included a Treatyse of fysshynge wyth an Angle, not contained in the St Albans edition.

23. The antique woodcuts, etchings(Sentencedict.com), and contemporary photographs that illustrate the book are at once gruesome and riveting.

24. As this 15th-century woodcut illustrates, many were burned alive for the “crime” of reading the Bible

25. It conveys a good impression of the stylistic diversity of the woodcut as a medium, from Expressionism to today.