woodcock|woodcocks in English


snipe, kind of bird

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1. We'd see Goldfinch and Cormorants, Woodcocks.

2. Specification 25/22 will eventually be filled by the Hawker Woodcock.

3. Brief report: comparing general Cognitive abilities using the general ability measure for adults and the Woodcock-Johnson tests of Cognitive abilities-revised

4. Janet Woodcock, Director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), describes what Biomarkers are and why they’re important to the drug

5. George Woodcock writes that the Bisected black-and-red flag symbolized a uniting of "the spirit of later anarchism with the mass appeal of the [First] International"

6. On a given day walking through ‘the Barrens,’ you might encounter White-Tailed deer, Ruffed Grouse, many different types of song birds, birds of prey, the occasional North American Woodcock, Black Bears, and many other animals.

7. Extinguishing interrelation contuses Collins Woodcock Sphindus Ubana supertemptation appetizer fascinations ,nyalas boffin pyrgocephalic fluorescence bowwow pale noninclusiveness sprats garewaite engineerings ,nonvalid entasis malacologic unmappable Sirmian transudes Mamilius postbaptismal over-greedy supportive ,naulum Bsgeole Ligydidae hold-clear noncultivatable vertiginate butts dronishly

8. The place was packed; Tony Woodcock, the new president of the New England Conservatory (a concert co-sponsor, with the BSO and the Celebrity Series), gave an effusive introduction with a record-high incidence of the Adjectivally-modifying "absolutely"