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type of wild plant, plant with a sour-tasting stalk

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1. Other Names: bloody sorrel, Bloodwort, red-veined dock and wood dock

2. Here, too, in abundance are wild thyme, wood sorrel, bloody cranesbill, bird’s-foot trefoil, thrift, and many more.

3. There is no evidence from any Irish source that the Irish ate clover, but there is evidence that the Irish ate wood sorrel.

4. Patricia Monaghan states that "There is no evidence that the clover or wood sorrel (both of which are called shamrocks) were sacred to the Celts".

5. The statement that the Irish ate shamrock was widely repeated in later works and seems to be a confusion with the Irish word seamsóg or wood sorrel (Oxalis).

6. It has since been argued however, that the Elizabethans were confused by the similarity between the Irish (Gaelic) name for young clover seamróg, and the name for wood sorrel seamsóg.

7. Livestock will be fed “fodder seasoned with sorrel” —tasty fodder reserved for rare occasions.

8. The situation regarding the identity of the shamrock was further confused by a London botanist James Ebenezer Bicheno, who proclaimed in a dissertation in 1830 that the real shamrock was Oxalis acetosella, a species of wood sorrel.

9. For example, in the medieval Irish work Buile Shuibhne (The Frenzy of Sweeney), the king Sweeney, who has gone mad and is living in the woods as a hermit, lists wood sorrel among the plants he feeds upon.

10. Instead, Buckwheat is a fruit related to rhubarb and sorrel, harvested for its tiny triangular seeds.

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12. Silver Abyssinians are a separate group which includes black silver, blue silver, fawn silver and sorrel silver

13. Bistort is in the buckwheat family, which means that it is also related to sorrel and rhubarb

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16. Due to the presence of alkali sorrel springs and favorable climatic conditions, many respiratory and digestive tract illnesses are treated there.

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