william parry murphy in English


(1892-1987) United States physician, the 1934 Nobel Prize winner for medicine

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1. William Andrew Hanson II was my hero - John Wayne, Audie Murphy, and Joe DiMaggio all rolled into one.

2. Dodge, parry, and thrust!

3. She made two voyages of exploration to the Arctic under William Edward Parry, but on the second one in 1825, she was damaged by ice and abandoned.

4. Mrs Parry, have you marked our tests yet?

5. Brittany Murphy, Actress: Just Married

6. Affraic - Block Party by Caroline Murphy

7. Just one more cigarette, Dr. Murphy.

8. Parry said he hadn't attached much importance to the decision.

9. Watching over his son, Colin Parry felt extremely moved.

10. That left him three strokes behind the pacesetter, Parry.

11. Parry became a repository for the tribe's oral history.

12. Think Eddie Murphy and the Clumps.

13. Mr Parry said that it was a very sad case.

14. Parry, “escaped European influence, whether social, religious, commercial or technical.”

15. Brinke is affiliated with Murphy Medical Center

16. We sought to parry the charateristic Soviet lunge with fancy footwork.

17. Brinke is a Physician Assistant in Murphy, NC

18. Murphy indeed cannot go insane to achieve freedom.

19. Sometimes William goes by various nicknames including William G Birchen, William P Birchen, William P Girchen, William Paul Birchen and William T Birchen.

20. Murphy...looked lethargic at a porky 206 pounds.

21. Correspondents: A Novel - Kindle edition by Murphy, Tim

22. This week Woosnam was averaging 288 yards with his driver, Parry 2

23. Brittany Murphy was born Brittany Anne Bertolotti on November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, to Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti

24. Other names that William had previously used included William Agustia Kiker, William A Kiber, William Augustia Kiker and William Augustus Kiker.

25. Parry kicked a penalty after three minutes before Stephens replied for Llanelli.