willingness to territorial concession in English

preparedness to give up territory, willingness to surrender the West Bank and Gaza Strip

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1. China's territorial land, inland waters, territorial seas and territorial airspace are inviolable.

2. Concession Nation offers many varieties of Concession food trailers for sale

3. Rather he should have an attitude of eager willingness, progressive willingness to give of himself.

4. Duration of the concession.

5. Workers'leaders have expressed their willingness to cooperate.

6. They manifested much willingness to go.

7. His letter bespeaks his willingness to help.

8. The new concession will apply to buses only.

9. This man exemplified a willingness to change.

10. It was a rare concession to the postwar era.

11. Acceptability and willingness to use the product were judged to be high by post-use perceptibility and willingness-to-use surveys

12. • Transfer Arctic airports to territorial governments.

13. Workers'leaders have expressed their willingness to Cooperate

14. The boss made a concession.

15. Kevin lacks a willingness to try new things.

16. But to get that monopoly, the government makes this concession.

17. The stubble is not a superstitious concession to the streak.

18. He admired her willingness to buck the system .

19. Back to Territorial Divisions, Counties and Baronies

20. If so, this seems a substantial concession to patronage.

21. He referred indirectly to the territorial dispute.

22. Both sides have signaled their willingness to start negotiations.

23. It's his willingness to repent that makes him attractive

24. Audacious: showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks

25. The Countess announced her willingness to undertake this feat.