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(1564-1616) famous English poet and playwright who is considered as the greatest writer in world literature

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1. I'll be there . William Shakespeare?

2. William Shakespeare was an Elizabethan.

3. Bardolatry: excessive or religious worship of William Shakespeare

4. This is a passage quoted by William Shakespeare.

5. Boldness be my friend. William Shakespeare 

6. William Shakespeare was a writer of plays and poems.

7. The Project Gutenberg eBook of HAmlet, by William Shakespeare

8. I have always derived great comfort from William Shakespeare.

9. “Trust not to rotten planks,” wrote English dramatist William Shakespeare.

10. How hard it is for woman to keep counsel ! ------- William Shakespeare.

11. William Shakespeare is buried in the church at Stratfard on Avon.

12. Bardolatry is the worship, particularly when considered excessive, of William Shakespeare

13. The quote is from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare.

14. Th' oppressor's wrong, the proud man's Contumely?" William Shakespeare; Hamlet; c

15. Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all. William Shakespeare 

16. Only one name can possibly suggest itself to him:that of William Shakespeare.

17. William Shakespeare is remembered as one of the best writers all time.

18. William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon.

19. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet by William Shakespeare.

20. William Shakespeare - There is nothing either good or bad but twittering makes It'so.

21. Of all base passions, fear is the most accursed. William Shakespeare 

22. And oft, my jealousy shapes faults that are not. William Shakespeare 

23. It is a good divine that follows his own instructions. William Shakespeare 

24. Baconian Theory Explained William Shakespeare is thought to be one of history’s greatest playwrights

25. Bardolatry definition: idolatry or excessive admiration of William Shakespeare Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

26. Bardolatry definition: idolatry or excessive admiration of William Shakespeare Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

27. Both marriages were childless; so that Elizabeth was the last direct descendant of William Shakespeare.

28. Daniel Radcliffe ( Harry Potter ) has featured on this poster alongside William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill.

29. 28 It is a wise father that knows his own child. William Shakespeare 

30. 16 It is a wise father that knows his own child. William Shakespeare 

31. 1595, William Shakespeare, Richard II, Act III scene ii: More health and happiness Betide my liege / …

32. Absence from those we love is self from self - a deadly banishment. William Shakespeare 

33. Do not for one repulse, give up the purpose that you resolved to effect - William Shakespeare.

34. I dote on his very absence, and I wish them a fair departure. William Shakespeare 

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36. 11 There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. William Shakespeare 

37. 1602 : William Shakespeare, Hamlet, act III scene 4 A Cutpurse of the empire and the rule; c

38. HAmlet: Oxford School Shakespeare (Oxford School Shakespeare Series) by William Shakespeare and Roma Gill Apr 23, 2009

39. Explore 117 Admirable Quotes by authors including Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, and John Kenneth Galbraith at BrainyQuote

40. 1593, William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus, Act IV, Scene 2, [1] Sweet Blowse, you are a beauteous blossom, sure

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42. A grandma's name is little less in love than is the doting title of a mother. William Shakespeare 

43. There followed a period of about fifteen years when creative genius became evident, such as the works of William Shakespeare.

44. Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving. William Shakespeare 

45. Bardolatry: 1 n the idolization of William Shakespeare Type of: idolisation , idolization the act of worshiping blindly and to excess

46. 1603-04, William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure This is the hand, which, with a vow'd contract, was fast Belocked in thine

47. Hamlet: Abridged for Schools and Performance (Shakespeare Abridged for Schools and Performance) by William Shakespeare and KJ O'Hara May 8, 2017

48. 1602 : Hamlet by William Shakespeare, act 2 scene 1 line 72 Oh my lord, my lord, I have been so Affrighted; Verb

49. 1607, William Shakespeare, Timon of Athens, Act IV, Scene 3, Shame not these woods, / By putting on the cunning of a Carper

50. Some might say, “Methinks He Doth Braggeth Too Much,” to borrow a phrase from the great English playwright, William Shakespeare, in Hamlet