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(1820-1872) Scottish engineer and physicist (namesake for Rankine temperature scale)

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1. The Rankine scale (/ˈræŋkɪn/) is an absolute scale of thermodynamic temperature named after the Glasgow University engineer and physicist William John Macquorn Rankine, who proposed it in 1859.

2. (j) Organic Rankine cycles

3. Steam piston engine for a solar-powered rankine cycle

4. Considerable improvements were made to the original Rankine method.

5. A discussion of the generalized Rankine-Hugoniot relation is given.

6. Method and device for injecting and recovering working fluid of organic rankine cycle

7. Sometimes William goes by various nicknames including William G Birchen, William P Birchen, William P Girchen, William Paul Birchen and William T Birchen.

8. Other names that William had previously used included William Agustia Kiker, William A Kiber, William Augustia Kiker and William Augustus Kiker.

9. Brayton or Rankine cycle engine air independent power systems having any of the following:

10. William also answers to William J Cardic, William J Cardie, William John Cardie and William J WCardie, and perhaps a couple of other names.

11. The reaction generates heat, creating steam to propel the torpedo in a closed Rankine cycle.

12. (a) Brayton or Rankine cycle engine air independent power systems having any of the following:

13. The corresponding Kelvin and Rankine temperature scales set their zero points at absolute zero by definition.

14. William J Billetter 1901 William J Billetter…

15. In the zone of extension (Holmes depression), an active Rankine state developed and beds stretched and thinned.

16. Caesium metal has also been considered as the working fluid in high-temperature Rankine cycle turboelectric generators.

17. Sometimes William goes by various nicknames including William Anthony Brenk and William A Brenk.

18. Examples show that the approaches give active earth pressures identical to the Rankine solution for gravity walls.

19. William Dannemeyer, 89, California Archconservative, Dies Representative William E

20. A Mechanical Text-book: Or, Introduction to the Study of Mechanics and by William John Macquorn Rankine, Edward Fisher Bamber (1873) "The Bulkiness of a substance is the number of units of volume which an unit In British measures Bulkiness is most conveniently

21. Autonomous Bangladesh afternoon misqualified surgeon biggest unwashed negligent MYRISTATE Attingence minuscule Andian maneuvered mantic sororates Rankine pinnulate solomon suspension

22. Colonist was a general cargo and passenger schooner built in 1861 at Dumbarton Scotland by Denny & Rankine

23. “Urgent action is vital to save Western Europe’s last bears,” says Callum Rankine, of the WWF’s Campaign for Europe’s Carnivores.

24. In the zone of compression (Red Deer Hill), conversely, a passive Rankine state developed and the beds resisted compression and thickened.

25. Bill also answers to William J Behan, William J Behen and William J Behew, and perhaps a couple of other names.