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William S. Paley (1901-1990), cigar manufacturer who founded the CBS broadcasting network in the United States in 1929; William Paley (1743-1805), English theologian and philosophe

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1. 21 The watchmaker of my title is borrowed from a famous treatise by the eighteenth-century theologian William Paley.

2. In his most famous analogy for design William Paley Analogized a watch to an from PP 209 at Wilfrid Laurier University

3. 1790, William Paley, Horae Paulinae, or the Truth of the Scripture History of St Paul: This mention of alms and offerings certainly brings the narrative in the Acts nearer to an Accordancy with the epistle

4. A white Lie is That which is not intended to injure any Body in his Fortune, Interest, or Reputation, but only to gratify a garrulous Disposition, and the Itch of amusing People by telling them wonderful Stories.” However, warned William Paley in Moral Philosophy (1785), “White lies always introduce others of a darker complexion.”