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(1901-1990) U.S. broadcaster and cigar manufacturer who founded the CBS broadcasting network in the United States in 1929

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1. 21 The watchmaker of my title is borrowed from a famous treatise by the eighteenth-century theologian William Paley.

2. In his most famous analogy for design William Paley Analogized a watch to an from PP 209 at Wilfrid Laurier University

3. What does Accordancy mean? (rare) Accordance - Paley

4. Paley Institute's Bradley Lamm, DPM, FACFAS Director, Foot & Ankle Center Blamm@paleyinstitute.org

5. Wm R Basom, Wm R Bason, William R Basom William, Bill E Basom and Bill S Basom are some of the alias or nicknames that William has used.

6. 1178: Passio ss. albani et Amphibali [Latin] Author(s): William, of St

7. 1790, William Paley, Horae Paulinae, or the Truth of the Scripture History of St Paul: This mention of alms and offerings certainly brings the narrative in the Acts nearer to an Accordancy with the epistle

8. Aleuts: Survivors of the Bering Land Bridge (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology) by William S

9. William S Hart Rare Snapshot Circa 1930s 4 X 5 Clopped Corner: Condition:--not specified

10. Sometimes William goes by various nicknames including William G Birchen, William P Birchen, William P Girchen, William Paul Birchen and William T Birchen.

11. View Worth William Boisture, Jr.’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers.

12. Other names that William had previously used included William Agustia Kiker, William A Kiber, William Augustia Kiker and William Augustus Kiker.

13. Jory J Blaver, age 45, Beach Park, IL 60099 Background Check Known Cities: Red Bluff CA 96080, Redding CA 96001 Possible Relatives: William Jacob Beaver, William S Beaver

14. Details about William S Hart Rare Snapshot Circa 1930s 4 X 5 Clopped Corner See original listing

15. William also answers to William J Cardic, William J Cardie, William John Cardie and William J WCardie, and perhaps a couple of other names.

16. In the early 1840’s, English surgeon and histologist William Bowman described this small capsule and its function.

17. William J Billetter 1901 William J Billetter…

18. Sometimes William goes by various nicknames including William Anthony Brenk and William A Brenk.

19. William Dannemeyer, 89, California Archconservative, Dies Representative William E

20. William Houston s watchful, meditative Hal confirms the impression that he is simply biding his time in the Eastcheap taverns.

21. Boswell 's biography says painter William Hogarth thought Johnson was an "idiot" until the writer spoke to reveal his eloquence.

22. Seven generations of Bartletts have been farming the same land since William Bartlett arrived on Nantucket in the early 1800’s

23. Bill also answers to William J Behan, William J Behen and William J Behew, and perhaps a couple of other names.

24. Law Office of William S. Beslow is a firm serving New York, NY in Matrimonial Law, Trusts and Estates and Estate Administration cases

25. Timothy Leary: Outside Looking In: Appreciations, Castigations, and Reminiscences by Ram Dass, Andrew Weil, Allen Ginsberg, Winona Ryder, William Huston Smith, Hunter S