spring water in English

water from a spring, as opposed to river water or rainwater.
Once a year wells in Derbyshire are decorated with displays made from natural materials in thanksgiving for the supply of pure spring water .

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10. the spring water coming from calcareous rock and, therefore, also alkaline;

11. Balneotherapy is the treatment of disease by bathing in thermal spring water

12. Examples of Carbonated beverages include spring water, beer and soda, or pop.

13. Karlovy Vary thermal spring water improves and eases digestion and intestinal absorption.

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16. Main ingredients: live spring water, oil - control factor, marigold, camellia, cacti and hydrolyzed collagen protein.

17. Rich alluvial soil and abundant spring water have made Jericho an attractive place for settlement.

18. But now it is presented to us as spring water, a life-giving element amid the dryness.

19. Samples from Delphic spring water and rock from the intersecting faults revealed traces of several chemicals including ethylene.

20. Some products simply comprise tap water that’s been Bottled while others use fresh spring water or another source. Bottled …

21. A spa is a location where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths.

22. Samples from Delphic spring water and from rock from the intersecting faults revealed traces of several chemicals including ethylene.

23. Effect of oral rehydration solution versus spring water intake during exercise in the heat on muscle Cramp susceptibility of young men

24. LIMITING FACTORS Adiantum capillus-veneris occurs in Canada only because of the presence of hot spring water that ameliorates the local microclimate.

25. Alkaline water is a type of water with a higher pH than regular water and negative negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP), and the best type is naturally Alkaline spring water

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27. The evidence of fecal spring-water contamination by determination of the spectral-absorption-coefficients avoids the delay by bacterial cultivation and enables immediate satellite-transmission to central stations for turning-off the afflux.

28. Rich with beauty, like a summer field under a full moon, silver light and grey shadows, grasses bowing under breaths of air, fireflies winking, the Chirring of crickets, movement and stillness in one-- Ambrosia and pure spring water

29. APPLICATION The Most Probable Number (MPN) method is applicable to the enumeration of coliforms, faecal coliforms and aerogenic Escherichia coli in water in sealed containers (including mineral and spring water) and prepackaged ice in accordance with Sections B12.001, B.12.004 and B.12.005 of the Regulations of the Food and Drugs Act.

30. But Ambler never makes the mistake of presenting real historic personalities, leaders or otherwise – it is at street level that the impact of historical forces are experienced and therefore understood; his prose is like the flow of spring water unclogged with neo-baroque description; sex and brutality take their proper place on the periphery of our lives though love, hate, greed and revenge may figure largely; technical know-how and hardware serve the plot but are never there to impress or flatter the reader, and so on and so on... And in England now, NOT ONE OF AMBLER'S books is in print, though I believe, following his death, an English publisher is now planning to reissue some of them.