springbok in English

a gazelle with a characteristic habit of leaping (pronking) when disturbed, forming large herds on arid plains in southern Africa.
Afterwards, I sit on my terrace and watch what may be kudus, springboks or oryxes amble to the water hole.

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1. I never dreamed of being the Springbok captain.

2. In fact, I never dreamed of being a Springbok.

3. Axemen played in Christchurch Cathedral 1981 in response to the Springbok tour

4. See Robben Island (robben-island.org.za), then take a bus (intercape.co.za) to Springbok.

5. Elwood was carried off after a perfectly legitimate but massive hit delivered by the Springbok centre.

6. Andrews, on 43 caps, was close to breaking the Springbok record for number of appearances.

7. The problem is that for generations all those Springbok sports teams were open only to whites.

8. Both had highly promising futures and were expected to become permanent fixtures in the Springbok side before long.

9. The centre of the plate is a gold disc emblazoned with both a Springbok and a Wallaby.

10. The Blackbuck is an antelope of the same tribe (Antilopini) that includes gazelles, the springbok, and the gerenuk

11. The Blackbuck is an antelope of the same tribe (Antilopini) that includes gazelles, the springbok, and the gerenuk

12. In the 1980s there were at most 000 springbok in the north; now there are an estimated 000.

13. They began their Springbok lives together but both reject suggestions that they plan to bow out at Twickenham.

14. How much keeping the springbok would mean is clear from the way the issue is covered in the media here.

15. But so deep is the emotion associated with these symbols, even his voice was not enough to end the springbok fight.

16. If you marked this Springbok team, on this match, for creativity you would have given them zero, nought, nothing, out of

17. We had a line of springbok lined up on the other side, 'cause they didn't really know what was going on...

18. But not even Barnes could break down a Springbok side able to absorb the most intense pressure and punish every error.

19. Wilson said springbok in South Africa, red deer in Britain and bison in the United States had all been farmed successfully.

20. Browse 86 blesbok stock photos and images available, or search for springbok or Bontebok to find more great stock photos and pictures

21. Speaking of the major species, they include Wildebeest, Roan, Waterbuck, Eland, Gerenuk, Steenbok, Nyala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Lechwe, Springbok, Sable Antelope, Tsessebe, Impala, and Oryx.

22. Former Springbok captain Joost van der Westhuizen mistakenly presented the trophy to John Smit after South Africa had won the dead rubber third test.

23. Even beside the main highway, there are enough elephants, giraffes and springbok to satisfy those who can't imagine a southern African trip without big game.

24. You are right. All the 'Proudly South-African Bok Supporters', check where your Springbok outfits were made! The country making the most of this world cup is China!

25. Subsequently the National Party did everything to purge the memory of the Springbok Legion, Torch Commando and men such as 'Sailor' Malan, who had appeal with white Afrikaner youth.

26. Some species, such as the springbok of southern Africa, are also highly resistant to living in new areas and are expected to die out rather than move.

27. Axemen Axemen is a New Zealand band formed around 1981 in protest against the South African Springbok rugby team's tour of NZ, a tour which created great controversy

28. After the Springboks won an epic final over New Zealand, Mandela presented the trophy to captain Francois Pienaar, an Afrikaner, wearing a Springbok shirt with Pienaar's own number 6 on the back.

29. It seems a shame to cull graceful creatures such as springbok, but their meat is lean, tender and delicious, especially when served with a berry sauce and a fine South African merlot.

30. Surrounded by magnificent blue mountains, the Limietberg Range which guests will have the unique opportunity of experiencing a game drive, viewing Eland (the most treasured of animals in San mythology), Blue Wildebeest, Springbok, Grey Rhebuck, Sables, Bontebok and the revived Quagga.

31. Cop-Out, a 1969 Broadway play starring Linda Lavin; Cop-Out, a 1986 video game by Raffaele Cecco; Cop out, a 1969 book by Ellery Queen; Cop out, a 1999 biography about the rugby 1981 Springbok Tour by Glenn Wood; Film and television

32. This is a nature-lover's paradise, a high altitude semi-desert that is home to the largest variety of succulents in the world - as well as eagles, hadehas, sacred ibises, secretary birds, blue cranes, flamingoes, otters, lizards, snakes, tortoises, bat-eared foxes, kudu, springbok, reedbuck, wildebeast, wild cats, ground squirrels and aardvarks.