spring-loaded in English

containing a compressed or stretched spring pressing one part against another.
a spring-loaded clothespin

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1. Is it spring-loaded?

2. It's not spring-loaded.

3. Spring Loaded Confetti Bomb $ 19.99

4. Spring-loaded Clamps are inexpensive, and you'll find many

5. The racks can be driven by a spring-loaded adjuster.

6. Adjustable spring loaded valve for a core barrel head assembly

7. Clamping apparatus and spring-loaded shock absorbers for anchoring loads

8. The spring-loaded piston-actuating ram lies on the bearing surface.

9. Key removable in locked position only. Spring loaded clip - in pawl.

10. Parking and manoeuvering valve for trailers having a spring-loaded parking brake

11. (b) the allowable tolerance at the discharge pressure for spring-loaded devices;

12. Now, when the timer hits zero, the spring-loaded blade is released.

13. Guide mechanism for a fan or compressor comprising adjustable spring-loaded guide vanes

14. The filter (29) is axially spring loaded to accommodate yielding of the filter material.

15. Prime-Line 2-Pack 0.4375-in Spring Loaded Bifold Closet Door Top Pivot Pin

16. SRC Full Metal Heavy Duty Spring-Loaded Universal Airsoft Bipod SKU: ACC-SRC-P-38

17. Manufacturer and exporter of Cultivators like agricultural Cultivators, garden Cultivators, spring loaded Cultivators, rigid type Cultivators

18. The Fiesta RV Awning is the easiest-to-operate spring loaded Awning on the market today

19. The engine is spring-loaded on the chassis with four silent blocks which adds to vibration reduction.

20. The active electrode is made in the form of a spring-loaded rod having a magnet arranged thereon.

21. Foot Ascenders feature a one way spring loaded cam that allows quick and rapid movement up a rope

22. Since the source flow is continuous, the flow is directed into the accumulator pushing a spring loaded piston.

23. 11 Guided by the sound, Dunn moved in and whacked him on the head with a spring-loaded cosh.

24. Auto - lock - Spring - loaded , twisting mechanism on a karabiner gate that locks by itself when the gate is closed.

25. Shock-absorbing Casters have spring-loaded Caster wheels that absorb shocks and vibration when they roll over obstacles or rough terrain

26. Capos, for the uninitiated, are essentially spring-loaded "nut mover" gadgets for your guitar, banjo, mandolin or other stringed instrument

27. Disclosed is a shopping cart with detachable basket, said basket being adjusted to convenient height preferably by spring-loaded, hydraulically re¬ strained telescopic struts.

28. In some embodiments, the mixing chamber probe adaptor will be adapted to connect to a spring-loaded probe and receive a micro mixing tee.

29. To operate a piston machine, you apply pressure by depressing a handle, which compresses a spring-loaded piston, forcing hot water through the coffee.

30. Keep tires and balls from falling flat with Air drop, a wirelessly controlled air inflator with a 25 foot spring-loaded retractable air hose

31. 30 A separate pull line is joined to a release pin or spring-loaded wire hanger so that the fauna can be dropped at will.

32. 17 A separate pull line is joined to a release pin or spring-loaded wire hanger so that the fauna can be dropped at will.

33. Features: Resists forced entry providing peace of mind, Effectively Childproofs exterior doors, Installs in minutes on wood or metal doors, Easy to use spring loaded device

34. If you're traveling long distances, folding rifle Bipods with spring-loaded legs help make setting up at the beginning of the day and packing up in the evening

35. Beer Bottle Filler,ProMaker Stainless Steel Wine Beer Bottling 13.7" Spring Loaded Beer Bottle Filler Home Brewing (Bottle Filler) 4.6 out of 5 stars 193 $17.99 $ 17

36. Simply press the spring loaded, precision ground, 3-blade Gaging Plunger into the Chamfer or countersink and instantly read the dial in .001" or .01mm/.02mm diameter increments.

37. The invention relates to a valve arrangement for the admission of air to and venting of a fluid cylinder, in particular a spring-loaded fluid cylinder, preferably of transmission brake cylinders in pneumatically or hydraulically driven automated manual transmissions.

38. Spring loaded, telescopic, struts, pivoted to the underside of the vehicle's body are lowered diagonally and, as the vehicle descends in the bounce cycle the struts grip the road surface and push the vehicle horizontally while it is intermittently airborne.

39. (17) ‘Basic instrument training device (BITD)’ means a ground-based training device for the training of pilots representing the student pilot's station of a class of aeroplanes, which may use screen-based instrument panels and spring-loaded flight controls, and providing a training platform for at least the procedural aspects of instrument flight;

40. Attentions lode lanches to shoot a penetrachus the root Use the following set of data to determine in average valor the city of the wedste and to the whitngle is the chocolate chieved Lunch angle deres 18 14.24 20.00 00 A student uses a spring loaded launcher to shoot a projectile across the mom Use the following set of data to determine an average value for the velocity of the sphere when it