make fair weather in English

express in a friendly manner, express in a non-threatening manne

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1. 15 In fair weather prepare for foul.

2. Cirrus clouds are often seen during fair weather.

3. That is why Anticyclones are often associated with fair weather

4. The summer fair was washed out by the English weather.

5. The weather is fair, with winds out of the east.

6. Fair words make fools fain.

7. Overreach is also foolish because it exposes conservatives as fair - weather federalists.

8. For example, an H represents high pressure, implying good and fair weather.

9. 9 Curtis O'keefe would make a fair deal.

10. The roads were in bad shape , and they were mostly fair - weather communication lines .

11. A fair-weather system—an Anticyclone—may stretch from the Rockies to the Appalachians

12. Between depressions there are often small mobile anticyclones that bring periods of fair weather.

13. Low-pressure centers (cyclones) are often associated with cloudy or rainy weather, whereas highpressure centers (Anticyclones) are often associated with fair weather.

14. Many factors make accurate weather forecasting difficult.

15. Muggy weather and hot carriage make me crazy!

16. Unlike cyclones, in general Anticyclones are accompanied by fair weather and the winds are generally moderate.

17. Many businessmen make their fortune by fair means or foul.

18. 19 Fair words will not make the pot play. 

19. Dances in phase 3 (i.e. exceeded fair weather) are accelerated, whereas in phase 5 and 6 (weather change accomplished and beginning stabilization) they are retarded.

20. This snowy weather could make us all fall ill.

21. The temptation to make money, they just want to make money by fair means or foul.

22. The ideal of a perfectly fair society is just make-believe.

23. To make Ontario Cycling environment safe, fair, and accessible for all.

24. Bad weather forced the pilots to make an unscheduled landing.

25. Cold weather can make it harder for patients to breathe.