springtail in English

a minute primitive wingless insect that has a springlike organ under the abdomen that enables it to leap when disturbed. Springtails are abundant in the soil and leaf litter.
Various crane flies, spiders, springtails and other species have life cycles of 3 to 5 years.

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1. Two New Coccidian Parasites of the Genus Adelina (Adeleidae, Coccidia) Parasitizing Oribatid Mite Nothrus Silvestris (Oribatei, Acarina) and Springtail Neanura Muscorum (Collembola, Apterygota) in Forest Soils Zwei neue Kokzidien-Parasiten der Gattung Adelina (Adeleidae, Coccidia) in der Hornmilbe Nothrus Silvestris (Oribatei, Acarina) und dem Springschwanz Neanura …