offends in English

cause to feel upset, annoyed, or resentful.
viewers said they had been offended by bad language
synonyms: hurt someone's feelingsgive offense to affront displease upset distress hurt wound annoy anger exasperate irritate vex pique gall irk nettle ruffle someone's featherstread on someone's toes rub the wrong way rile rattle peeve needle miff put someone's nose out of jointput someone's back uppiss off
commit an illegal act.
a small hard core of young criminals who offend again and again
synonyms: break the lawcommit a crimedo wrong sin go astray transgress trespass

Use "offends" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "offends" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "offends", or refer to the context using the word "offends" in the English Dictionary.

1. Your arrogance offends me.

2. Her Brusqueness offends many people

3. What if someone offends you?

4. His forthright behavior offends some people.

5. Aggressiveness offends others and hurts social relations

6. What do you think offends him?

7. A public nuisance offends the public at large.

8. Are you willing to forgive when someone offends you?

9. B) Religion offends or, more Accurately, divides people

10. 7 In our own situation we react against what offends us.

11. (James 3:2) How will you react if someone offends you?

12. If someone offends you, does resentment goad you into verbal warfare?

13. The title offends for three reasons, and pomposity is the least of them.

14. Synonyms for Antagonizes include aggravates, hassles, agitates, annoys, galls, irritates, offends, provokes, needles and riles

15. 3 The Broadcasting Act allows ministers to proscribe any channel that offends against good taste and decency.

16. 2 The Broadcasting Act allows ministers to proscribe any channel that offends against good taste and decency.

17. If we find that the way we express ourselves offends others, we should be determined to change.

18. 23 The Broadcasting Act allows ministers to proscribe any channel that offends against good taste and decency.

19. (Hebrews 10:24, 25) If someone offends you, that is absolutely no reason for staying away from meetings.

20. Misguided or malicious Critics can discourage an author who has been feeling his way toward a new mode that offends received taste.

21. Politicians have perceived little gain in granting petitions for something that offends the sensibilities of a significant number of the heterosexual majority.

22. Affront (to somebody/something) a remark or an action that offends somebody/something synonym insult His speech was an Affront to many in the local community

23. If that wasn’t enough, content that “distorts, slanders and offends the reputation of any organization, the honor and dignity of any individual” will also be criminalized.

24. Sidebar: when in soi-disant “adult” company, I do sometimes become a wee tad irritated by neo-Victorian Bowdlerizers who define anything that offends their po’ widdle feewings as “cussing.” *meh* It’s my curse just barely more than literate

25. Re: Now The Woke Cancelers Are Even Coming After ‘Mom’ And ‘Dad’ Posted by olemissfan26 on 3/11/21 at 5:33 pm to RebelExpress38 If mom or dad offends you, you don’t get to be called a grown up

26. Butthurt, "I'm offended!", or "I'm triggered!" is the state of mind that one enters when they read or see something that offends their fragile ideology, often compounded with the fact that they have no valid arguments to lead a proper discussion

27. Speaking in a direct and honest way, even if this offends or upsets people ‘They just don’t like you,’ he told me Bluntly. to put it Bluntly (=used when saying something honest that may offend people): To put it Bluntly, your friend isn’t welcome here.

28. For North Koreans, this means continued public executions, restrictions on movement, brutally punishing three generations of a family when one member “offends,” and an absolute prohibition on any civil and political rights, on top of inadequate access to food, housing, education, and health care.

29. One commendatory view, while not upholding the contentions, paid Sir Edward Grey's handling of the British defense a generous tribute, albeit at the expense of Germany: "It makes no claim which offends humane sentiment or Affronts the sense of natural right.

30. 84 According to the applicants in the main proceedings, such an interpretation offends against the principle of proportionality because the economic and financial constraints imposed upon them, which stem directly from the designation of the vulnerable zone by the competent United Kingdom authorities, are neither appropriate nor necessary in order to achieve the objective pursued by the Directive.