offenders in English

a person who commits an illegal act.
an institution for juvenile offenders
synonyms: wrongdoer criminal lawbreaker miscreant malefactor felon delinquent culprit guilty party outlaw sinner transgressormalfeasant
a person or thing that offends, does something wrong, or causes problems.
of atmospheric pollutants, the worst offender is sulfur dioxide

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1. when dealing with young offenders.

2. Persistent offenders face a prison sentence.

3. The offenders will be severely disciplined.

4. The Probation and Aftercare Service runs a “Through Care” service to offer advice, guidance and moral support to child offenders to help reduce the rate of offenders and repeat offenders.

5. Borstals were originally for offenders under 21

6. Look, Ms. Warnock, these men aren't traffic offenders.

7. Offenders may be liable to a heavy fine.

8. Her job involves dealing with young offenders.

9. Offenders are to be shot on sight.

10. Juvenile offenders should be segregated from adults.

11. • Addressing the disproportionate representation of Aboriginal offenders;

12. Sending young offenders to prison can be Counterproductive

13. Registered offenders located within A 45-mile radius.

14. The offenders were dealt with firmly though fairly.

15. Community punishment is used for less serious offenders.

16. Offenders will be liable to a heavy fine .

17. 1 Sending young offenders to prison can be counterproductive.

18. Anxious; troubled: the Concerned parents of youthful offenders

19. The police are sometimes more lenient with female offenders.

20. Offenders are liable to fines of up to £400.

21. The scheme offers only minimal supervision for young offenders.

22. Many juvenile offenders were being put in adult prisons.

23. Offenders should be forced to make reparation to the community.

24. What realization regarding offenders should affect our attitude toward them?

25. Criminal Law is actionable officially by the prosecution of offenders.

26. Prison is not the answer for most young offenders.

27. Many of these people are non-violent drug offenders.

28. Asian offenders were the most likely to be granted both federal and provincial full parole and Aboriginal offenders were the least likely to be granted federal full parole, while Black offenders were the least likely to be granted provincial full parole.

29. We need to come down hard on young offenders.

30. Many young offenders commit further crimes with alarming predictability.

31. • Criminal Law is Actionable officially by the prosecution of offenders.

32. Offenders must make reparation for their crimes through community service.

33. 11 Young offenders just laugh at this sort of sentence.

34. 8 The scheme offers only minimal supervision for young offenders.

35. Young prisoners are being corrupted by the older, long-term offenders.

36. The government is expected to take punitive steps against offenders.

37. Provisions allowing victims to sue offenders or others for civil damages;

38. Judges are advised to show greater leniency towards first - time offenders.

39. 8 Putting very young offenders in prison can be counterproductive.

40. Has provided Alternatives to incarceration for federal, state, and local offenders.

41. Long prison sentences can be a very effective deterrent for offenders.

42. The judiciary must think very hard before jailing non-violent offenders.

43. • Develop correctional policy to better address management of high-risk offenders.

44. As regards pollution, old diesel-engined vehicles are the worst offenders.

45. The police took a long time to interrogate the offenders fully.

46. 2 The judiciary must think very hard before jailing non-violent offenders.

47. Bridewell archaic term for a prison or reform school for petty offenders

48. We're searching for a couple of runaways from the young offenders' institution.

49. 4 Offenders were to be denied the sacrament by the local priest.

50. Adult federal offenders over the age of 18 Bed Capacity: 14 Beds Meals: