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pertaining to Guyana (country in South America)

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1. Testy Guyanese-Barbadian Relations The controversy between the local Guyanese population and Barbadian officials surrounds the large number of Guyanese immigrants facing deportation from Barbados due to the new amnesty law

2. Other Guyanese began to demand a more representative political system in the 19th century.

3. Deochan Boodhu, a Canada-based Guyanese left-hander, struck 11 sixes in his flamboyant 91 as Challengers

4. Indranie Chandarpal (born 1951) is a Guyanese politician representing the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) as a Member of Parliament since 1992.

5. The celebration of Amerindian Heritage Month recognises Amerindians and their culture as a distinct part of the Guyanese mosaic

6. In her research, Clachar has focused on Jamaican Creole, Guyanese Creole and Tobagonian Creole because they are very conservative Creoles, that is, Creoles with Basilects

7. You might have heard of or read about the village Buxton. It is a hotbed of Afro-Guyanese violence, comparable to the American neighborhood Compton.

8. The Amerindian ethos, cosmic/ world picture, has a firm place and has made a growing contribution to Guyanese culture, literature, art, folklore, mythology; in such areas as theatre and

9. Samuel Archibald Anthony Hinds (born 27 December 1943) is a Guyanese politician who was Prime Minister of Guyana almost continuously from 1992 to 2015.

10. Y esterday marked the beginning of Amerindian Heritage Month, the thirty days in the year when we remember the contribution of the indigenous peoples to Guyanese culture, and their role in our historical evolution as a nation

11. Annabel Croft, British tennis player; Chancy Croft (born 1937), American politician, father of Eric Croft; Colin Croft, Guyanese cricketer; David Croft (broadcaster), "Crofty", British TV commentator David Croft (TV producer), British TV sitcom writer Don Croft (born 1949), American football player

12. "Cockalorums in Search of Cockaigne: Social Interaction, Status Competition, and ritual in a Rural Guyanese Community" University of Arizona: 1983: Associate Professor in Anthropology: Claire Wolfowitz: Suriname "Styles of Speech in Suriname-Javanese" University of Maryland, College Park: 1983: Researcher, Governance Institutions Group: Eugene