needle in English

a very fine slender piece of metal with a point at one end and a hole or eye for thread at the other, used in sewing.
He watched her thread her needle again, her slender, graceful fingers never erring despite the inadequate light.
something resembling a sewing needle in use, shape, or appearance, especially:.
Because the birds were moving so fast and the clouds were so still, they appear like tiny needles .
prick or pierce (something) with or as if with a needle.
dust needled his eyes
provoke or annoy (someone), especially by continual criticism or questioning.
I just said that to Charlie to needle him
synonyms: goad provoke bait taunt pester harass prick prod sting tease irritate annoy anger vex irk nettle pique exasperate infuriate get on someone's nerves rub the wrong way ruffle someone's featherstry someone's patience aggravate rile niggle get in someone's hair hassle get to bug miff peeve get/put someone's back upget under someone's skin get at ride

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1. Aiguille translate: needle, needle, pointer, needle, pointed tip, hand, needle, needle, needle, needle, pointer, stylus

2. Atraumatic needle synonyms, Atraumatic needle pronunciation, Atraumatic needle translation, English dictionary definition of Atraumatic needle

3. Needle bushings, needle roller and cage assemblies, drawn cup needle roller bearings, adapter sleeves

4. Micro needle and micro needle device

5. 1 x Baiting rig tool set: Hook needle + Drill Needle + Stringer Needle

6. Move stitch from needle 3 to adjacent needle.

7. Bodkin needle, a variety of sewing needle.

8. Needle can be Automatedly threaded through the needle eye

9. Acupuncture needle

10. Mine's Needle.

11. An Airbrush needle is only supported at two points, the needle seal and the needle chuck

12. The flexible-needle Bodkin is bendable, like a circular knitting needle

13. Acupuncture needle tube

14. Needle-nose pliers.

15. Laser needle for performing a combined laser needle/electric acupuncture

16. It's called Needle.

17. Besides the needle.

18. Needle Biopsies remove tissue through a small, hollow needle attached to a syringe

19. There are two shapes of admonish and needle about the needle in ShuoWenJieZi.

20. Igla means needle.

21. Thread the needle!

22. Barefoot, down " Needle Alley "?

23. It's an acupuncture needle.

24. Growth was determined by analyses of tree rings, shoot length, needle weight and needle area.

25. Similarly on removing the needle the separated fibres close smoothly around the needle , preventing bleeding .

26. Seat the needle firmly on the Needle-Pro device with a push and clockwise twist

27. Give me the biopsy needle.

28. Save yourself a needle.

29. Needle in a haystack.

30. Acupress : Acupuncture without the Needle

31. Who puts the needle in?

32. There are three types of biopsies: Fine-needle aspiration; Core-needle Biopsy; Surgical Biopsy

33. The vet jabbed the dog with a needle/jabbed a needle into the dog.

34. The needle pricked her hand.

35. A compass needle points north.

36. The dressmaker plies her needle.

37. Fine needle aspiration (FNA) Biopsy

38. Acupress : Acupuncture without the Needle

39. Curettage is performed through the use of a curette tool and an electrocautery needle (electric needle)

40. A sleeve type acupuncture needle includes a sleeve and an acupuncture needle (3) inserted in the sleeve.

41. Acicular definition, shaped like a needle

42. Beak's been filed to needle sharpness.

43. A Ballpoint needle, sometimes spelled ball-point, is a needle designed for work with a sewing machine

44. Collapsing Blastocysts with an ICSI needle

45. Guide device for an acupuncture needle

46. Please be careful with the needle.

47. Sterilize the needle in boiling water.

48. No gas, no needle, no sledgehammer.

49. Wooden handle Bradawl for needle felting

50. V102878 Vertical Needle #V102878 - Professional Buttonholer