humbly in English


simply; modestly; submissively, meekly

Use "humbly" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "humbly" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "humbly", or refer to the context using the word "humbly" in the English Dictionary.

1. He was humbly born.

2. I humbly call this development.

3. 'Sorry,' she said humbly.

4. He humbly paid the ransom;

5. I do apologize most humbly.

6. With this blood... we humbly... entreat...

7. Esther humbly acknowledged the king’s mercy

8. Then he humbly begged her forgiveness.

9. "You must be right, Sir," said John humbly.

10. And Joshua humbly acknowledged that One’s presence.

11. Job humbly accepted correction, and he repented.

12. Lodovico. Madam , good night; I humbly thank your ladyship.

13. Elijah humbly appointed Elisha as his successor

14. Parsimonious East Chimericans live more humbly and cautiously.

15. I humbly beg your pardon, my Lord Stark.

16. Job was richly rewarded for humbly accepting correction

17. Akasha humbly bows to Yogi Bhajan in gratitude

18. No, he humbly acceded to the king’s wishes.

19. 17 Evidently, Peter humbly accepted Paul’s corrective counsel.

20. We humbly beg Your Majesty to show mercy.

21. I humbly suggest we scry on the leader.

22. Moses humbly recorded his failure to give God glory

23. Humbly I lay claim upon the Atonement of Christ.

24. Korah was not willing to submit humbly to direction

25. " Let me help you undress, dearest,'she said humbly.

26. Context example: the Chastised child sat humbly in the corner

27. I would humbly suggest that there is something wrong here.

28. Speak humbly, listen respectfully, smile gently. Dr T.P.Chia 

29. I humbly beg the College Council to fund such a journey.

30. So may I humbly suggest we all do something next time.

31. Antonyms for Bombastically include unrhetorically, humbly, quietly, reservedly, simply and straightforwardly

32. Humbly adjusting our attitude leads to God’s blessing (See paragraphs 8-10)

33. Bakehouse Cafe humbly goes about making good products that use fine ingredients

34. Faraday humbly rejected many of the honors that others wanted to bestow upon him.

35. David’s conscience struck him, and he humbly confessed. —2Sa 12:1-14.

36. However, Peter humbly added: “But at your bidding I will lower the nets.”

37. The Tyler Telegram humbly apologizes for having called that wide-lipped Blatherskite, T

38. In this dedication of a Nation , we humbly ask the blessing of God .

39. We take a bow to thy native beauty, so humbly and so willingly.

40. We must continue to cry out humbly yet insistently to God: Rouse yourself!

41. But Samuel mustered the courage —and Eli humbly acquiesced to the divine judgment.

42. I humbly offer that The Alawite Book has a position in between these two

43. When disciplined, David humbly admitted his error and reestablished his relationship with Jehovah. —Ps.

44. And Paul humbly acknowledged Apollos’ contribution to the work, granting him privileges of service.

45. (Matthew 8:20) Jesus served his disciples by humbly setting the pattern for them.

46. The cloud stood humbly in a corner of the sky. The morning crowned it with splendor.

47. To begin with, he humbly acknowledged that he was a slave of Jesus Christ.

48. Success will come to you as you earnestly, prayerfully, and humbly approach the Lord.

49. The Bible tells us that these men were humbly at work years, even decades, later.

50. Synonyms for Conservatively include quietly, unobtrusively, modestly, unostentatiously, unpretentiously, humbly, demurely, diffidently, plainly and soberly