encroach|encroached|encroaches|encroaching in English


[en·croach || ɪn'krəʊtʃ]

advance beyond proper limits, infringe, trespass, intrude, invade

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1. 14 The desert continually encroaches on the fertile land.

2. 4 But even there, modernity has encroached.

3. The desert continually encroaches on the fertile land.

4. The rhododendrons encroached ever more on the twisting drive.

5. Bureaucratic power has encroached upon the freedom of the individual.

6. Or encroach on the field of the fatherless.

7. The sea is encroaching on the land.

8. The sea is encroaching upon the land.

9. The Southern states Backlashed against the encroaching federalism.

10. Thereafter, it’s the familiar tale of encroaching Blimpishness

11. Development is also encroaching on its native habitat.

12. Gradually his capacious chin encroached upon the borders of the white cravat.

13. We moved back from the encroaching tide.

14. She stands accused of encroaching on others'possessions.

15. 2 It always seems presumptuous to encroach on that self-sufficiency.

16. 6 I won't encroach on your time any longer.

17. In our criminal law, crime of perjure encroaches on the normal criminal procedure of justice.

18. 28 The paint becomes exhausted, the city encroaches with its soot, the plaster crumbles within.

19. Memory loss, extreme paranoia, rapid aging, encroaching psychosis.

20. The sea is gradually encroaching on the land.

21. The fire encroached on the adjacent buildings and cost the lives of 2000 people.

22. The media, once again, saw it as further indication of encroaching madness.

23. She has become to me a web , a fatal emanation, an encroaching dream.

24. But recreation should refresh us, not endanger our spirituality or encroach on spiritual activities.

25. 27 We will never allow anybody to encroach upon China's territorial integrity and sovereignty.