bogey in English

a person or thing that causes fear or alarm.
the bogey of recession
play (a hole) in one stroke over par.
Brewer told a story about Rosburg leading a tournament in Portland, but then the next day bogeying the first hole, double-bogeying the second before walking off the course in disgust.

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1. Bogey synonyms, Bogey pronunciation, Bogey translation, English dictionary definition of Bogey

2. 4 synonyms for Bogie: bogey, bogy, bogy, bogey

3. 4 synonyms for Bogy: bogie, bogey, bogey, bogie

4. He made a double bogey on fourteen and a bogey on fifteen.

5. Therefore, a Bogey is always a better score than a double Bogey

6. Bogey detonated under water

7. That Bogey called ‘Brahminism’

8. Bogey hole Cafe, Sydney, Australia

9. Synonyms: bugbear, bête noire, horror, nightmare More Synonyms of Bogey More Synonyms of Bogey

10. The Devil himself was Old Bogey or the Bogey Man, and he ruled over Bogydom—Hell

11. The universal bogey is AIDS.

12. Here’s all you need to know about The Bogey hole in Newcastle! History of The Bogey hole

13. Bogie (Bogey): The term bogie, also spelled Bogey, refers to a false blip on a radar display

14. I guess I got another bogey.

15. Nude bather at Newcastle’s Bogey hole

16. Synonyms for Bogey in Free Thesaurus

17. Age is another bogey for actresses.

18. Home / Buy Artwork / Ocean Pools / Bogey hole

19. His round of 70 was marred only by a double bogey at the twelfth and a bogey at the thirteenth.

20. Then there is that old Bogey, taxes

21. Bogey hole Cafe, Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia

22. 'Bogey' is an alternate term for 'bogie'

23. 'Bogey' è un termine alternativo per 'bogie'

24. That bogey drops hlm out of the lead.

25. The Boogey Book's French name "Le Livre de Bogey" is translated in English as "The Book of Bogey"

26. The original Colonel Bogey marchThe "Colonel Bogey March" is a popular march that was written in 1914 by Lieutenant F

27. There are, however, occasions when the effect of scoring a double Bogey is no worse than that of shooting a Bogey.

28. A score of two strokes over par is called a double Bogey and three strokes over is referred to as a triple Bogey

29. In Bogey (or par) competition, the object is to beat a score of Bogey (or par) on as many holes as possible.

30. The Bogey hole, Shortland Esplanade, King Edward Park, Newcastle

31. Then I three-putted the sixteenth for a bogey.

32. Bogey is an actor, known for Ms .45 (1981)

33. We have confirmation that the bogey is down, sir.

34. Instead, he Bogeyed the 12th and 13th before a double-bogey on the 15th and another bogey on the 16th completed a miserable day.

35. Bogey hole Bronte Beach The 'Bogey hole' is a beautiful semi enclosed rockpool at the southern end of Bronte Beach, in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

36. "Bogey", a radar or visual air craft whose identity is unknown, used as a Multiservice tactical brevity code Bogey (golf), a score of one over par on any given hole in the sport of golf Bogey, a golf scoring format similar to Par (golf scoring format) Bogey, an Australian Aboriginal word for bath

37. Select from premium Bogey hole of the highest quality.

38. Bogey es un término alternativo para bogie

39. 1928 The Bogey hole Swimming Club staged a 60-yard handicap race at the Bogey hole for a trophy donated by the Mayor of Newcastle.

40. A Bogey is not an uncommon score in professional golf

41. The Bronte Bogey hole was built in the early 1900s

42. Age is another Bogey for those in the acting business

43. Age is another Bogey for those in the acting business

44. Bogeyed meaning Simple past tense and past participle of bogey.

45. And this was an equaliser for our bogey side Charlton.

46. The walks either side of The Bogey hole are very peaceful

47. The walks either side of The Bogey hole are very peaceful

48. Today the Bogey hole remains the oldest constructed ocean bath in …

49. That bogey came across the border and then I lost you.

50. Tomorrow though, Town have got to deal with their bogey team.