bogle in English

a phantom or goblin.
One common one causing fright or dread was called in Yorkshire the boggart, in Scotland the bogle , and in England the bogey or bogeyman.

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1. Bogle John Bogle Short Biography

2. Bogle a.k.a Father Bogle a.k.a Mr

3. The couple had six children—daughters Barbara Bogle Renninger, Jean Bogle, Nancy Bogle St

4. John, and Sandra Bogle Marucci, and sons John C. Bogle Jr

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6. Gerald Levy (22 August 1964 – 20 January 2005), better known as Bogle and also as Bogle Dancer, Mr Bogle, Father Bogle and Mr Wacky, was a Jamaican dancehall star, dancer and choreographer

7. How to pronounce Bogle (audio) \

8. What does Bogle mean? Information and translations of Bogle in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

9. Bogle! Grounds are wonderful..outside seating..parking had been a problem..previously ..when Bogle had special events

10. Bogle left behind a wife, six …

11. The Bogle is not a purebred dog

12. For bat, ghost, bogle, and Burns's "Bauckie …

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14. Bogle would answer prayer requests until 2 a.m

15. Definition of Bogle in the dictionary

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18. Bogle was born May 8, 1929, in Montclair, New Jersey

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20. Bogle founded The Vanguard Group in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (Headquarters).

21. In 1840 there were 21 Bogle families living in Tennessee

22. Historian Donald Bogle described the Coon character with brutal

23. Tennessee had the highest population of Bogle families in 1840.

24. The most Bogle families were found in the USA in 1880

25. Bogle Bogle is a Korean tofu house restaurant that opened in the newly constructed plaza, the same one that houses Airang KBBQ and Divine Coffee shop

26. The deck Bogles gets its name from the card Slippery Bogle

27. Bogle on Mutual Funds: New Perspectives for the Intelligent Investor (1993)

28. Bogle also wrote numerous articles and commentaries for trade and business publications

29. Vanguard founder John Bogle suggests 8% a year as a reasonable return.

30. Brennan, joined Vanguard in July 1982 when he was named assistant to Bogle.

31. Many Bogle dog breeders with puppies for sale also offer a health guarantee

32. Bogle himself sits at the desk by the door and takes the money.

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34. Catherine Bogle, aged 26, a housemaid, who arrived in Hawkes Bay aboard the ship "Queen of the North" in 1874 Contemporary Notables of the name Bogle (post 1700) + John C "Jack" Bogle (1929-2019), American executive, inventor of the index mutual fund, founder and CEO of The Vanguard Group

35. John Bogle was the first person to offer an index fund to retail customers

36. Vanguard announced last May that Bogle planned to resign as chief executive on Jan.

37. Greed, recklessness and self-interest rides in the saddle of today's capitalism. -Jone I. Bogle.

38. The Bogle is hybrid of two old hound dogs, the Boxer and the Beagle

39. At the cashier's desk sits Bogle , cold, sordid, slow, smouldering, and takes your money.

40. Bogle On Mutual Funds: New Perspectives For The Intelligent Investor (Wiley Investment Classics) by John C

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42. Bletherskite Spilling out over the side to anyone who will listen Site Navigation About; The Bogle

43. Bogle is the founder and former chief executive of the Vanguard Group of Mutual Funds.

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46. Broomsticks Housekeeping Services was established in 2016, and is owned and managed by Claire Bogle

47. John Bogle: The founder of The Vanguard Group, and a major figure in the index investing community

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49. Three crucial folk songs by Syd:The Song Of The Bogle ClencherSussex Whirdling SongPewter Wogglers Bangling Song

50. Mr. Bogle is the founder and former chief executive of the Vanguard Group of Mutual Funds.