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expressing one's condition; relational

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1. Attitudinal reflexes synonyms, Attitudinal reflexes pronunciation, Attitudinal reflexes translation, English dictionary definition of Attitudinal reflexes

2. Attitudinal: Pertaining or relating to attitude

3. Learn the definition of 'Attitudinal discrimination'

4. How to use Attitudinal in a sentence.

5. Dictionary entry details • Attitudinal (adjective) Sense 1

6. Awwww, is somebody a wittle Attitudinal today?

7. Everyone has attitudinal issues during his puberty.

8. Definition of Attitudinal (adjective): relating to someone’s attitude

9. Relating to body posture; e.g., Attitudinal (statotonic) reflex

10. Definition of Attitudinal adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

11. This does not make the attitudinal data any less significant.

12. Definition of Attitudinal adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

13. The distinction between sensory pleasure and Attitudinal pleasure is drawn

14. Definition of 'Attitudinal' (ætɪtjuːdɪnəl, US -tuːd-) adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Attitudinal means related to people's attitudes and the way they look at their life.

15. The concept of intrinsic Attitudinal pleasure is introduced and explained

16. Attitudinal research is a more relevant method in knowing your

17. Consequently, they may change the direction of their attitudinal expressions.

18. Browse the use examples 'Attitudinal discrimination' in the great English corpus.

19. Credit card behavior is affected by Attitudinal, psychological, demographic, and environmental factors

20. Celebrating two key anniversaries Keywords: electronic distribution, loyalty, Attitudinal , behavioral loyalty

21. Attitudinal Segmentation In essence, Attitudinal segmentation provides insight into the mindset of customers, including perceptions of the service or product, but also issues such as risk aversion.

22. ‘Some researchers have also pointed out the importance of the Attitudinal characteristics of managers.’ ‘The most rewarding relationships with customers result from continued investment to create deep-seated Attitudinal loyalty.’

23. Does such an attitudinal change reflect real experiences in daily life?

24. One needs to look directly for the seeds of potential Attitudinal positions

25. This study investigated emotional, Attitudinal, perceptional, and behavioral changes among college students.

26. This makes the attitudinal and affective element of professional education especially important.

27. This is the British English definition of Attitudinal.View American English definition of Attitudinal.

28. One needs to look directly for the seeds of potential attitudinal positions.

29. Attitudinal Loyalty help the company to build up an exit barrier for customer.

30. Definition and synonyms of Attitudinal from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

31. The structure of present attitudinal stances will contain implicit potentialities for the future.

32. Adjectives for attitude include attituded, attitudinal, attitudinous, attituding, attitudinized, attitudinizing, attitudinised and Attitudinising

33. - The next distinction in research types is that between Behavioral and Attitudinal Research

34. The possible stumbling blocks would be financial and attitudinal barriers to these learners.

35. Chinese has tone sandhis whereas English tones are not lexical but Attitudinal and modal

36. Attitudinal differences are reinforced by what are very real differences in economic situations....

37. As with any attitudinal estimate , however , several factors impede approximating the percentage of Islamists .

38. In the case of attitudinal expressions, there are reversals, as rhetorical and historical contexts change.

39. Biographical data or biodata is information about an individual's demographic, experiential or attitudinal backgrounds

40. Attitudinal definition is - relating to, based on, or expressive of personal attitudes or feelings

41. Making use of this concept, Intrinsic Attitudinal Hedonism is formulated and compared to Default Hedonism.

42. This question helps us identify the ideal person for the task from an attitudinal perspective.

43. The definition of Attitudinal is related to one's feeling, mood or manner of acting. If your friend has been in the mood to not tell the truth lately, it is an example of someone who is Attitudinal.

44. The Attitudinal judicial decision-making is particularly likely in case of strongly politically-charged issues

45. The tendency towards Accident proneness is a function of behavioral, attitudinal and personality factors, among others.

46. Attitudinal barriers include assumptions and fears that impede meaningful communication between people with and without disabilities

47. THE Attitudinal FOUNDATIONS OF MINDFULNESS PRACTICE (Adapted from Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn) 1

48. This lawyer was therefore classified as professionally marginal, in a structural rather than an attitudinal sense.

49. 22 Similarly recorded laboratory data, anthropometric measures, dietary assessments, knowledge tests, and attitudinal surveys document outcomes.

50. Attitudinal variables are based on responses to questions that help reveal underlying attitudes (e.g., images of banks).