boggy in English

too wet and muddy to be easily walked on; marshy.
the shrub grows naturally in boggy ground

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1. Boggy synonyms, Boggy pronunciation, Boggy translation, English dictionary definition of Boggy

2. What does Boggiest mean? Superlative form of boggy: most boggy most boggy

3. What does Boggier mean? Comparative form of boggy: more boggy

4. Boggy definition: Boggy land is very wet and muddy land

5. Not to be confused with: Boggy – wet and spongy; containing bogs: a Boggy

6. Boggy definition, containing or full of bogs: It was difficult walking through the Boggy terrain

7. Enough of your lies!Mrs. Boggy, Banjo-Tooie Mrs. Boggy is Boggy'srather buxom, plump wife

8. Boggy (comparative boggier, superlative Boggiest)

9. Boggy (comparative Boggier, superlative boggiest)

10. Boggy (comparative boggier, superlative Boggiest)

11. What does Boggy mean? Information and translations of Boggy in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

12. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Boggy bog‧gy / ˈbɒɡi $ ˈbɑː-/ adjective LAND/GROUND Boggy ground is wet and muddy → bog a Boggy patch at the edge of the field Examples from the Corpus Boggy • The route turns away from the Ffos-y-Mynach at Waun Lodi where the path is Boggy and dangerous.

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15. Renaissance Charter School at Boggy Creek

16. Dine lakeside at Boggy Bottom BBQ

17. Derivations: boggish (adj.), boggy (adj.), Bogginess (n.)

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20. The Boggy Post Office was located about 100 feet from a wharf close to where Mill Creek flows into Boggy Bayou.

21. Boggy - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

22. Boggy Creek Bullmastiffs is a reputable Florida Breeder.

23. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Boggy, AR

24. boglet (plural Boglets) A small patch of boggy ground

25. Boglet (plural Boglets) A small patch of boggy ground

26. Boggy B (ボギー・ビー Boggy B) is the main character of the Worms series and appears as a third-party newcomer in Super Smash Bros

27. Boglet (plural Boglets) A small patch of boggy ground

28. Boglet ( plural Boglets ) A small patch of boggy ground

29. What does Boglet mean? A small patch of boggy ground

30. Of, resembling, or characterized by a marsh or marshes; boggy.

31. Keep to the track ─ the land is boggy around here.

32. Gley soils are typical of tundra , meadows, and boggy areas.

33. The boggy is out of order, would be instead another one!

34. Bogginess — noun The state or quality of being boggy … Wiktionary

35. Boggy is a large, rather rotund polar bear that loves sledding

36. What does Bogginess mean? The state or quality of being boggy

37. Keep to the track the moor is very boggy around here.

38. Keep to the track-the land is very boggy around here.

39. ‘The path is flat but below the spring line, so there are Boggy bits for muddy boots, wet zone rushes and grasses and little ponds.’ ‘They are actually being used in this country to reclaim swampy, Boggy land.’ ‘Times were slow due to very muddy, Boggy, wet conditions.’

40. Locals call it the Fouke Monster, while others call it the Boggy Creek Monster due to its association with the cult-classic docudrama, The Legend of Boggy Creek.Now, for the first time, all the documented encounters with the famed Boggy Creek Monster have been collected in one source

41. Another word for Boggy: marshy, muddy, waterlogged, spongy, swampy Collins English Thesaurus

42. 1 Attributes 2 Moveset 3 Taunts 4 Idle Poses 5 Cheer 6 On-Screen Appearance 7 Victory Poses 7.1 Losing Pose 8 Trophy Description 8.1 Boggy B 8.2 Boggy B (Alt.) 9 Classic Mode: Battle Islands 10 Costumes 11 Trivia Boggy B is one of the "jack

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45. Boggy definition is - consisting of, containing, resembling, or being a bog : swampy, marshy

46. The ground was boggy underfoot, though there was grass in abundance between the trees.

47. The plant medium container should be kept very moist to keep the boggy condition.

48. Go through gate at the bottom, cross the boggy ground to a stony lane.

49. Uterine Atony in contrary, the uterus is soft and boggy with presence of exces sive

50. 22 synonyms for Boggy: marshy, muddy, waterlogged, spongy, swampy, soft, yielding, fenny, oozy, miry, quaggy