bogie in English

an undercarriage with four or six wheels pivoted beneath the end of a railroad car.
Another was an amusing story about a group of French airmen who would ‘borrow’ a railway bogie to get back to Elvington from Layerthorpe after a night's drinking, sent in by a reader from Foxwood.

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1. 4 synonyms for Bogy: bogie, bogey, bogey, bogie

2. Bogie has appeared Bogie, Boggie, Bolgie, Bolgy, Bogy and others

3. The train’s Bogie caught fire …

4. Bogie (Bogey): The term bogie, also spelled Bogey, refers to a false blip on a radar display

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7. What does Bogie mean? Information and translations of Bogie in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

8. 4 synonyms for Bogie: bogey, bogy, bogy, bogey

9. Of course, I was devastated when Bogie died.

10. A wide variety of Bogie options are available to you, There are 10,307 suppliers who sells Bogie on, mainly located in Asia.

11. 'Bogey' is an alternate term for 'bogie'

12. 'Bogey' è un termine alternativo per 'bogie'

13. L - 27- 31-35 Brush bogie cars.

14. Bogie And, if you threaten them with his wrath and his punishment, they will take it like being threatened with the Bogie-man.

15. A Bogie (sense 2) on a Finnish hopper wagon

16. Beat Litchfield in the SS by 40 after Bogie returned

17. Bogie was an agent with State Farm Insurance for 42 years

18. Bogey es un término alternativo para bogie

19. Indirectly gas-heated bogie hearth furnace, with electrical bogie drive, vertical air circulation used for artificial ageing of aluminum pistons with charge weights of approx.

20. The full project about measuring the stability of metro bogie was presented.

21. It is all outside frame with vacuum brakes on the rear bogie.

22. Bogie then watched the festival's fireworks together with Ash and his friends

23. In a more mellow mood, the bogie will simply play practical jokes.

24. Bogie, the beer-bellied proprietor, says he feels it's his duty to stay open.

25. The seats were upholstered in Johnston's grey moquette like the bogie cars.

26. ... locomotive bogie frame suspension - axle load transfer is analyzed on the ramp.

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28. The last twenty minutes of Bogie focus on Bogart’s decline in health and death

29. The general layout, main technical parameters and structure features of this bogie are briefly presented.

30. Billy Tolboys was sitting on a crane bogie with his head buried in his hands.

31. The bogie can meet the need of significant speed acceleration of a railway freight car.

32. The Educorp catalogue also lists some more contemplative, or just curious, examples, including the Bogie Stack.

33. Now there aren ? ? t fatigue design loads of bogie frame supports in our country.

34. The key to the increased speeds lies in a bogie design wheel axles to move independently.

35. One night at La Maze, a restaurant on the Strip, Bogie was confronted by a large man.

36. The term Bogie, also spelled bogey, refers to a false blip on a radar display

37. In The Rise of Darkrai, Bogie set up shop in Alamos Town and began selling Lunar Wings.

38. The bogie separated equipment is the pivotal and large - size device which is nonstandard for light rail.

39. A Bogie is a component found in all types of trains (locomotive, wagon, metro, tram, etc.)

40. The development of motor bogie, the most important part of the vehide, is diversity and individuality.

41. A Bogie is a frame, placed under the trains, onto which the wheels of the railway vehicle are fixed

42. A Bogie (sense 1) or flatbed trolley used to transport luggage at a railway station in Somerset, England, UK

43. Two bogie cars were not allowed to pass each other on the curve at the top of Ringstead Road.

44. One Bogie of the Dehradun-bound Shatabdi Express caught fire on Saturday, but no casualty was reported, the police said

45. The vertical dynamic responses of the baggage car XL_ with bogie type 209 are simulated with the bond graph approach.

46. In 19 bogie car No. 31 derailed in Tamworth Road and ran into the front of a house.

47. What does Bogie mean? One of several wheels or supporting and aligning rollers inside the tread of a tractor or tank

48. Therefore, the nine bogie cars and a few four wheelers were transferred to Sutton and worked the Mitcham line from there.

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50. The new abutting joint realizes a full butted joint between the side frame and the cross beam of the bogie.