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1. Instant acoustic logging method for well bores

2. Acoustic isolator for acoustic well logging tool

3. Reduced sonic logs have been superimposed at well locations.

4. Method and apparatus for phased array acoustic well logging

5. Method for instantaneous acoustical logging in a bore well

6. Jun Senoue is well known for composing music for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Jun Senoue nổi danh nhờ sáng tác những bài nhạc trong game Sonic the Hedgehog.

7. Try logging off and logging on again.

8. One example of an acoustic signal attenuator for LWD/MWD logging systems can be implemented as an acoustic well logging tool positionable in a wellbore.

9. Sonic 1 Boomed (aka Sonic the Hedgehog Boom) is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog by VAdaPEGA.

10. (including the setting of surface and intermediate casings, logging, coring, drillstem testing and well abandonment.

11. Sonic projectors engaged.

Máy phát siêu âm mở.

12. " By sonic diarrhea. "

" Bởi tiêu chảy siêu sóng âm. "

13. Stop Logging

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15. After the defeat of several of his robots, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic.

Khi sử dụng bộ bảy viên kim cương Chaos Emeralds, Sonic có thể biến đổi thành Super Sonic.

16. Hunters use sonic weapons.

Hội Thợ Săn dùng vũ khí âm thanh.

17. Sonic Visualiser contains advanced waveform and spectrogram viewers, as well as editors for many sorts of audio annotations.

18. Acoustic logging device

19. Remote logging camps, fish-processing camps, Indian villages, small towns, as well as isolated settlers and trappers, were visited.

20. Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger, who founded Schlumberger Limited in 1926, are considered the inventors of electric well logging.

Conrad và Marcel Schlumberger, người sáng lập Schlumberger Ltd vào năm 1926, được coi là phát minh của địa vật lý điện hố khoan.

21. On Genesis, Sonic is back in Sonic 3D Blast, a wild game whose title says it all.

22. Constants aims to be a good logging citizen, grafting a logger to the logging tree

23. Other game Appearances Sonic Pinball Party

24. Blasty is a character made for Paper Sonic: Crumpler's Fate and is the first Wisp Sonic encounters

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