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Sentence patterns related to "soot removal apparatus"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "soot removal apparatus" from the English - Vietnamese Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "soot removal apparatus", or refer to the context using the word "soot removal apparatus" in the English - Vietnamese Dictionary.

1. Such methods and devices include an ablative apparatus, a removal apparatus, and/or a positioning apparatus.

2. The removal apparatus (2) comprises an absorption unit (3) and a desorption unit (3).

3. The soot.

Bồ hóng.

4. Little soot there.

5. There's soot everywhere.

Chỗ này đầy bồ hóng rồi còn gì.

6. Membrane coupled activated sludge method and apparatus operating anoxic/anaerobic process alternately for removal of nitrogen and phosphorous

7. Ah, you soot-covered idiots...

A, cái đồ bồ hóng ngu ngốc...

8. Soot for industrial or agricultural purposes

9. The fireplace was blackened with soot.

10. Wanna turn back into soot?

Muốn trở lại làm bồ hóng hả?

11. Their faces were blackened with soot.

12. Multi-screen apparatus for impurity treating equipment having high-pressure washing device mounted thereto for enhancement of fine-impurity removal function

13. Diesel exhaust contains a lot of soot.

14. manufacture of woody lignite, activated carbon, soot.

15. 8 The soot had made everything dirty.

16. 7 The fireplace was blackened with soot.

17. 5 Their faces were blackened with soot.

18. Soot all over the place, you clumsy fool!

Bồ hóng phủ khắp nơi rồi, thằng ngốc vụng về này!

19. 3 Diesel exhaust contains a lot of soot.

20. Absorption vessels, which can be closed with wires are used; they arenot wiped off between the removal from the apparatus and the weighing.

21. Warming Aerosols include black carbon and dark soot

22. Only the soot does not get me well.

23. I won't tolerate any soot in this house!

Tao sẽ không chịu đựng một chút bồ hóng nào trong nhà này nữa!

24. His throat's closing up from soot inhalation.

25. How is soot browning the more southern taiga?