sonnet in Vietnamese

@sonnet /'sɔnit/
* danh từ
- bài thơ xonê, bài thơ 14 câu
- (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) bài thơ trữ tình ngắn
* động từ
- làm xonê; ca ngợi bằng xonê; làm xonê tặng (ai) ((cũng) sonneteer)

Sentence patterns related to "sonnet"

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1. Paul Muldoon often experiments with 14 lines and sonnet rhymes, though without regular sonnet meter.

Paul Muldoon thường thử nghiệm làm thơ với 14 dòng và vần điệu kiểu sonnet, mặc dù không thường xuyên theo đúng luật của loại thơ này.

2. He cited a sonnet by Shakespeare.

3. Amoretti, Sonnet 67 by Edmund Spenser; Amoretti, Sonnet 34 by Edmund Spenser; The Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth; On His Blindness (Sonnet 19) by John Milton; Daffodils by William Wordsworth; Astrophil and Stella, Sonnet 1 by Philip Sidney; A Song for St

4. This sonnet has been imputed to Shakespeare.

5. Scholars have attributed the sonnet to Shakespeare.

6. Is a sonnet chanted by glistening waves.

7. He read a sonnet that celebrates love.

8. He wrote a sonnet to his beloved.

9. The composer set a sonnet to music.

10. A sonnet has a fixed rhyming pattern.

11. Seamus Heaney and Sonnet #5 from Clearances

12. 10 The composer set a sonnet to music.

13. For placing 3rd in the Middle School category of our 2021 Sonnet Contest! WELL DONE! # SSC # southernshakespearecompany # SouthernShakes # Bardlings # ShakespeareanSonnet # Sonnet # SonnetContest # TallahasseeArts

14. The paraphrase of the sonnet is easy to understand.

15. Jack was delivered of a sonnet on the subject.

16. Rudy could have until Monday to turn in his sonnet.

17. Elizabeth Bishop's inverted "Sonnet" was one of her last poems.

Elizabeth Bishop đã sáng tác ra thơ "Sonnet" đảo ngược trong các bài thơ cuối cùng của bà.

18. 30 The information we're using builds a DOM tree from objects; that DOM tree contains the text of a Shakespearean sonnet, along with other information about the sonnet.

19. The sonnet is an emotional elegy, and the tone is mournful.

20. Examples of Alliteration in Literature Example #1: American Sonnet by Billy Collins

21. Whereas the person who can write a sonnet Has got it made.

22. Amoretti, Sonnet 34 by Spenser - Summary and Analysis Amoretti, Sonnet 34 by Edmund Spenser Like as a ship, that through the ocean wide, By conduct of some star, doth make her way,

23. If that friend has Netscape animation, the sonnet will do a wavy dance.

24. This marks the beginnings of English sonnet with 3 quatrains and a closing Couplet.

25. “From her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome,” says a sonnet at her pedestal.

26. Futility consists of fourteen lines arranged in two stanzas which makes it a sonnet.

27. The distillate would be kept in a glass vessel, a vial. See the next sonnet.

28. Because the Canzone is not as fixed as a sonnet, it is often easier to write.

29. Amoretti: Sonnet 75 is one of the most important poems in the Amoretti for many reasons:

30. Kate can run off a sonnet in half an hour on any subject you like.

31. But the sonnet also provides a glimpse into the dilemmas of identity the Renaissance articulated.

32. Edmund Spenser’s Amoretti is one of the greatest of the Elizabethan sonnet sequences; after Sir Philip Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella (which was the first great sonnet sequence in English), it is perhaps the greatest of all

33. He had taken his sonnet to Rodge at Red Giant and turned it into an ode.

34. In ‘American Sonnet’ there is a great example of Alliteration in the fourth and fifth stanzas

35. 25 Kate can run off a sonnet in half an hour on any subject you like.

36. Yggdrasil composed an exquisite sonnet that deserved to live for centuries, but kept it to itself.

37. 21 You could recite an epic poem for me a ballad a sonnet, a limerick or something!

38. The last point I would wish to make about this sonnet is one of rhythm and structure.

39. It was as if he had conceived a latterday, visual version of the sonnet or the haiku.

40. The particular sonnet I am about to examine, however, approaches the subject from a much different perspective.

41. 28 Through the Blue Mountain College home page we can zip a personalized Shakespearean sonnet, to a friend.

42. Astrophil has been trying in the sonnet to proceed by imitation and been singularly unsuccessful in doing so.

43. Literary Conventions are defining features of particular literary genres, such as the novel, short story, ballad, sonnet, and play

44. This quote from Shakespeare’s " Sonnet 116 " is a great example of a rhymed, closed, iambic pentameter Couplet.

45. ‘The first Couplet, known as the refrain, is repeated at the end.’ ‘Sonnet 126 is, unusually, a poem in six rhymed Couplets rather than a sonnet proper.’ ‘In 1705 he published The Campaign, a poem in heroic Couplets in celebration of the victory of Blenheim.’

46. The Amoretti cycle of poems is printed here in full, with each sonnet on its own on a page

47. I was in my night-gown already, doing our assignment, a love poem in the form of a sonnet.

48. While the typical sonnet is fixed at 14 lines, a Canzone stanza can range from seven to 20 lines

49. It is in this language that appeared the first sonnet, whose invention is attributed to Giacomo da Lentini himself.

Ngôn ngữ này xuất hiện trong sonnet đầu tiên, tác giả cũng được quy cho Giacomo da Lentini.

50. ‘But Ellis shows strength with the sonnet ‘Kitchen Witches’ and the Aubade ‘Space.’’ ‘It should be clear from these quotes that Davis is an effortless formalist, and he excels at the epigram, Aubade, and sonnet.’ ‘In this love poem, this free-verse Aubade, one lover …