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Sentence patterns related to "sonic nucleation"

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1. Phospholipids, however, prolong the nucleation time.

2. Sonic 1 Boomed (aka Sonic the Hedgehog Boom) is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog by VAdaPEGA.

3. Sonic projectors engaged.

Máy phát siêu âm mở.

4. " By sonic diarrhea. "

" Bởi tiêu chảy siêu sóng âm. "

5. Assessment of Blastomere nucleation in an embryo is a fast procedure

6. Controlling Metal Nucleation And Film Growth in Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Blocking Adsorbates

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8. After the defeat of several of his robots, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic.

Khi sử dụng bộ bảy viên kim cương Chaos Emeralds, Sonic có thể biến đổi thành Super Sonic.

9. Hunters use sonic weapons.

Hội Thợ Săn dùng vũ khí âm thanh.

10. The big term for this monumental process is bubble nucleation.

Thời hạn lớn cho quá trình này hoành tráng là sự cấu tạo hạt nhân bong bóng

11. 5 Saturated vapor pressure was calculated from the nucleation experimental data using the thermodynamically consistent nucleation theory in which the effect of real gas is considered.

12. Axin, but not Axin2, is involved in microtubule nucleation by forming a …

13. Crystallization can be divided into stages - primary nucleation is the first

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15. Other game Appearances Sonic Pinball Party

16. Blasty is a character made for Paper Sonic: Crumpler's Fate and is the first Wisp Sonic encounters

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18. M3a SERIES Amplifiers FROM D-SONIC

19. The new aircraft creates a sonic boom.

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21. There ain't no skyraft and no sonic.

Không lướt gió, không sóng âm.

22. Macks Sonic Baitfish - The Sonic Baitfish can be utilized for everything from casting, jigging and open water trolling to ice fishing

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24. Once a nucleation has occurred, the acoustic shock wave is picked up by microphones.

25. Our sonic boom machine is in South America.