songster in Vietnamese

@songster /'sɔɳstə/
* danh từ
- ca sĩ, người hát
- chim hay hót
- nhà thơ

Sentence patterns related to "songster"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "songster" from the English - Vietnamese Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "songster", or refer to the context using the word "songster" in the English - Vietnamese Dictionary.

1. English words for mang-Aawit include singer, warbler, vocalist, songster and singers

2. Synonyms for Chorister include musician, quirister, singer, treble, songster, caroler, voice, songstress, vocalist and chanteuse

3. Synonyms for Balladeer include troubadour, singer, musician, jongleur, songster, vocalist, bard, minstrel, joculator and trouveur

4. 9 Nineteen-year-old songster Sebastian made his amazing gaffe as Di visited a centre for homeless youngsters.

5. Songster, Composer, & Sound Mangler Warbling sea harbored melodies - rhythmic tintinnabulary Cabalettas inside soft baked fairy tale threnodies - lilting moontouched theramins and/or psychic lithogra

6. He is particularly known as a hymn writer and his ability earned him the accolade "Y pêr ganiedydd" (The Sweet Songster) - echoing the description of King David as "the sweet psalmist of Israel" (2 Samuel, 23:1).