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1. Bladder Calculus vesical Calculus

2. He had presented with hematuria.

3. Low back pain, abdominal swelling, and hematuria.

4. Objective:To learn the pediatric medicine hematuria caused by various medicines.

5. Thymol, at high doses, can cause liver toxicity, albuminuria and hematuria.

6. @article{Raveenthiran2012AbnormallyLP, title={Abnormally Long Penis in Children with Vesical Calculus}, author={V

7. 23 Conclusions: The change of seminal vesical in seminal vesiculography are associated with chronic prostatitis.

8. Hematuria and pain are the main symptoms of kidney stones.

9. Results: Antibiotic medicine causes the highest percentage of the pediatric medicine hematuria (48%).

10. Asymptomatic renal albuminuria and hematuria are difficult to cure in clinic.

11. SRC combines acute renal failure, hemolytic anemia with schizocytosis, sometimes thrombocytopenia, proteinuria and hematuria.

12. He believed that the hematuria had ceased during the previous two days.

13. We observe satisfied results in renal hematuria subjects treated with Zhusheyong xueshuantong which need further research.

14. This paper discusses the relationship between renal hematuria and kidney collateral based on collateral disease theory.

15. Conclusions: The submucosal ureter-vesical stones may be treated by transurethral cystoscope, and this is one simple, economical and effective method.

16. Although rare, symptoms may include lumbar or hip pain, dysuria, oliguria, Anuresis, and, more rarely, hematuria and pollakiuria

17. Results: Clinically, the child with Wegener's granulomatosis had multi-system involvement, hematuria, proteinuria and damaged renal function.

18. CASE REPORTA 61 years old male patient complained of painless gross hematuria and clot uncomfortable feeling.

19. At 6 months post-operatively, both patients were well with no recurrence of hematuria or urosepsis.

20. Conclusions: Every pediatric medicine hematuria should be paid much attention to in the application of drugs.

21. True mixed epithelial-mesenchymal tumors of the urinary bladder are exceedingly rare, and only two vesical adenosarcomas have been reported to date.

22. After the procedure , all patients presented microscopic hematuria. Without specific treatment, the symptom relieved in 1 ~3 days.

23. Methods The percentage of Sporeshaped Red Blood Cell(SRBC) in hematuria was examined and analyzed by the phase-microscope.

24. Results Typical renal tuberculosis with irritative symptoms accounted for 65% while atypical renal tuberculosis was 35%. The most common symptoms were lumbodynia and hematuria.

25. The most common indications for renal Autotransplantation were loin pain hematuria syndrome/chronic kidney pain, ureteral stricture and vascular anomalies in descending order